Tummy Tuck

You can shop all of our deals on tummy tucks below. Whether you're looking for tummy tuck near me or want to go further afield, we'll have a great deal for you. If you want to find out more about tummy tuck, then scroll past the deals to our FAQs.

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What Is A Tummy Tuck?

A tummy tuck is a cosmetic surgery that aims to improve the shape of your tummy area using an ultrasound cavitation. If you're looking for a push in the right direction instead of a quick fix then this Wowcher voucher is right up your lane! The aim is to reduce those pesky areas of excess skin that just aren't going down when you're hitting the gym. All you need to do is decide between a full or partial tummy tuck and give yourself a lot of time to think about it!

Benefits Of Tummy Tuck

Like with anything in life there are pros and cons, but let's be honest the benefits are what we all focus on! With a tummy tuck the benefits are endless so here are the top three:

  • You may get a flatter abdomen as the abdominal muscles will be tightened during the procedure and aim to leave you feeling and looking naturally leaner.
  • After your tummy tuck, your midsection may be smoother and more streamlined, allowing you to find clothing that fits more comfortably.
  • Since there will be a reduced amount of loose skin, you should be left with a sleeker contour and less irritation around your stomach!

Side Effects Of Tummy Tuck

Like any invasive surgery there will be a bit of downtime on your side so be prepared to kick up your feet and take as long as you need. The side effects may include:

  • The stomach area feeling 'tight' making it difficult to stand up straight.
  • Numbness around the stomach for a few months.
  • A temporary fluid-filled swelling above the scar.
  • A red, raised scar in the first six weeks which will eventually fade.
It's important to note that these are indeed only some of the side effects and during your consultation, you will be told about all the risks.

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