Hollywood Wax

You can shop all of our deals on Hollywood waxes below. Whether you're looking for a Hollywood wax near me or want to go further afield, we'll have a great deal for you. If you want to find out more about Hollywood waxes, then scroll past the deals to our FAQs.

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What Is A Hollywood Wax?

The Hollywood wax is the most intimate type of waxing. It removes all of your pubic hairs as well as any hairs growing around your labia, upper thighs, and anus. The Hollywood wax is just one of many options you have when it comes to grooming your pubic hair. Keep reading below to find out some of the benefits and how long a wax will last.

How Long Does A Hollywood Wax Last?

After waxing your pubic hair, it will take roughly three to four weeks for your hair to start to grow back. The exact time all depends on how quickly your hair grows. People with dark hair and light skin may notice hair regrowth earlier than people with a hair colour closer to their skin tone! Also, if you're thinking of getting it done again many waxing technicians recommend waiting at least six weeks between waxes.

Benefits Of Hollywood Wax

There are a few potential benefits that come with waxing. Some may say waxing your pubic hair exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells and encouraging the formation of new skin cells, whilst potentially improving your absorption to moisturisers. Another common benefit is that waxing tends to cause fewer bumps or irritation, as waxing damages the roots of your hair, causing your hair to grow back weaker and thinner.

Difference Between Hollywood Wax & Brazilian Wax

The different names of intimate waxes can be confusing, and you may be wondering what the differences are between them so you know what to ask for when you're taking a trip to the salon. So, during a Hollywood wax, your technician will remove all hair on your pubic bone, labia, upper thighs, and anus. A Brazilian wax is similar but generally will leave a small strip or triangle of hair in the middle of your pubic region. Like the Hollywood wax, a Brazilian wax will remove hair around your thighs, labia, and anus. So, If you're unsure of what you want then describe the details to your technician so you don't leave the salon unhappy.

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