Lash Lift

Eye spy some fabulous deals for those looking to enhance their lashes! Lash lifts are a popular treatment designed to lift and curl your lashes and works on any type. Scroll down for some of the best lash lift deals in your area...

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What Is A Lash Lift?

An eyelash lift simply alters the shape and colour of your natural lashes, mainly to provide lift and curl for a cosmetically pleasing appearance. One way to think of a lash lift is like a perm for your eyelashes. The process typically curls your lash from base to tip so that you can see the full length of your natural eyelashes. It is done by using a tiny curling rod and a lifting solution, so chemicals will be involved (though your eyes are closed for the whole procedure!)

How Long Does A Lash Lift Last?

In general, a lash lift lasts between four to six weeks, but this can vary depending on your lashes and the type of lash lift you choose to have. Not all lash lifts treatments are the same - With a keratin lash lift, you may notice that your lashes last for six weeks or more. With a length-volume-lift (LVL) treatment, your lashes may return to normal before the six week mark. There are also a few variables that contribute to the longevity of your newly lifted lashes. This includes your immediate aftercare approach, your long-term lash care and how fast your lashes grow naturally.

Benefits Of Lash Lift

Here are some benefits of having a lash lift treatment: A lash lift will help your lashes appear longer with a curled lifting effect, making your eyes look more youthful and open. It doesn't damage your natural lashes. The process works on a range of lash types, including long, short, or stubbly eyelashes. The treatment time is quick (up to 60 minutes) and there's no downtime waiting for results! The best part is the longevity, as the effects can last between six to eight weeks.

Side Effects Of Lash Lift

Lash lifts do not cause any damage to your natural lashes. However, problems can occur during the process if care is not taken. Patch tests should be conducted prior to treatments to ensure there will not be any allergic reactions to chemicals found in the lash perming solution. If the solution happens to enter your eye, you are at risk of causing damage in the form of blisters, rashes, burns or corneal ulcers. This can result in a loss of lashes, leaving your eyes vulnerable to dust and bacteria and increasing the probability of infections. This is why it's vital to follow instructions during the treatment.

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