Brazilian Keratin Treatment

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What Is A Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

Increased shine, manageability, and a silky-smooth finish. These are all signatures of a classic keratin smoothing treatment, also commonly known as the Brazilian blow-dry. Smoothing treatments are popular amongst frizz-prone hair types, as they can significantly reduce styling time, which is a dream come true, am I right?!

How Does Brazilian Keratin Treatment Work?

Comprised of hydrolysed keratin and other compounds commonly found in corn, vegetables, soy, and wheat, the treatment seals and temporarily repairs the hair's protein bonds that may have been damaged due to styling and environmental factors.

How Long Does Brazilian Keratin Treatment Last?

They typically last between two and six months, though this may vary depending on the aftercare and your hair type. Some treatments may require you to avoid washing or styling your hair for a few days to allow the treatment to settle. Our top tip when it comes to shampooing is to stick to a gentle sulphate-free cleanser to ensure the treatment lasts as long as desired. The treatment will naturally wear off after a few months.

Benefits Of Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Why we love it so much? The hydrolysed keratin bonds to each strand to form a protective barrier that seals the hair cuticle, calms frizz, and protects your hair against heat damage. Expect long-lasting smoothness, increased manageability reduced styling time. In other words, a good hair day for weeks on end!

What Type Of Hair Is Best For A Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

In short, all hair types! The treatment can last anywhere between two to six months. Results will vary depending on the density and texture of your hair as well as aftercare. Always request a consultation to find out what treatment will be the most suitable for your hair!

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