Oversized Hoodies and Blanket Hoodies

If you're someone that likes to stay on top of the latest fashion trends, then you need an oversized hoodie or blanket hoodie! We have a great range available for women, men and children to keep you warm and comfortable. See below for fashion tips and where the trend started!

Our top oversized hoodie and blanket hoodies:


Why are oversized hoodies so popular?

The trend of wearing baggy clothes has been becoming increasingly popular since the 90s. They're good at covering up areas you might not want to show and gives a more relaxed look. These days, many celebrities often go for the 'laid-back' look and wear an oversized hoodie as a dress.

What do I wear with an oversized hoodie or blanket?

You can wear whatever you like with an oversized hoodie or blanket, but it's more comfortable if you choose something tight. Go with skinny jeans or leggings for pure comfort as well as style, or you can choose sporty leggings! Play around with different colours or match all in one colour, it's up to you!

How big is an oversized hoodie?

So, this really is a one size fits all approach situation! As you can probably imagine, the oversized hoodies and blankets do only come in one size. Each of our products will have the dimensions listed under the deal if you wish to know the exact size!

Why should I get an oversized hoodie?

We highly recommend oversized hoodies and oversized hoodie blankets! We've moved past the days of needing to plug a blanket in to keep ourselves warm, and now we can take these cosy comforts outside with us! These really do a fantastic job of keeping you warm and comfortable and you could even stay in your pyjamas underneath and no one would know! One of the best ways to stay warm during a typical British Winter.

Our deals on Oversized Hoodie and Blanket Hoodies

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