Beat the cold for less with our range of cosy-wear designed to keep you warm and comfortable! From oversized hoodies, to blanket hoodies and much more, you'll find it all here at Wowcher.

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Oversized Hoodies

Oversized hoodies are a great way to keep yourself nice and warm so you'll be to turn the heating down and save yourself money with one of these! We've got this extra thick snuggle hoodie, and this oversized blanket hoodie which come in a range of colours and feature a big roomy pocket, perfect for carrying snacks around with you!

Cosy Pyjamas

If wearing an oversized hoodie to bed is a little too warm for you, then our range of cosy pyjamas will be a perfect solution for you! This cosy nightwear set is ideal for those chilly nights when you need a little more than just your duvet, plus you can wear it around the house!

Cosy Slippers

The quickest way to warm up your feet is with a cosy pair of slippers, and luckily for you, we're not short of them here at Wowcher! We've got these rabbit slippers, these teddy bear slippers and these flamingo, unicorn or shark slippers, so you'll have plenty of options to choose from!


Forget the days of wearing 2 pairs of socks, because we've got something much better for you, onesies! These all in one pieces of clothing offer incredible levels of comfort as well as plenty of warmth, and you can relax in them whilst you sleep or venture around the house in them. We have a great range of onesies here at Wowcher, including this super soft teddy fleece onesie and this women's cosy borg fleece onesie!

Mermaid Blankets

The mermaid blanket is a great choice for keeping yourself nice and cosy! The blanket resembles a knitted sleeping bag with a fish like tail, hence the name mermaid blanket. A wearable blanket that is sure to keep you warm, just make sure to step out of it before you get up to walk! We've got a great range of mermaid blankets here at Wowcher including this knitted mermaid blanket and this cosy mermaid tail blanket!