At Wowcher, we're looking to keep you warm from head to toe this winter, starting with your head! Beanies make a great winter accessory while keeping you warm at the same time! See our guide below to learn a bit more about beanies and the ones we have!

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What is a beanie hat?

A beanie is a small round brimless hat that is used to keep the head warm in cold weather or Winter. They're typically knitted and woolly, and come in a wide range with different colours, patterns and styles.

How do I wear a beanie

You can really wear your beanie however you choose to, there's no right or wrong way of wearing one! Many people question if it should cover your eyebrows or your ears, but it is down to personal choice. However, the most popular way to wear them seems to be just above the eyebrows and pull it down slightly so it just covers your ears! Some people choose to roll them up further above their eyebrows, but as we said it's personal choice, so you wear your beanie your way.

Why is it called a beanie?

The name was first noted in the 1940s, a form of bean, which was early 20th Century slang in America for 'head'. It's thought that the term may have originated from baseball. In baseball, a 'beanball' is thrown at a batter's head, which then expanded to generally mean 'the head'.

Christmas Beanies

As we're not far off the most wonderful time of the year we thought we'd start by telling you about our deals on Christmas beanies! Obviously at Christmas you want to look your best and stand out, and our Christmas beanies will ensure that you do just that! The hat includes flashing LED lights that will last on the battery for approximately 40hrs! Of course, it'll also keep your head nice and warm too, and you even get to choose from four different colours. Merry Hatmas!

Women's Beanies

Women's beanies tend to have a bit more sparkle to them and are often adorned with sequins or studs. They also tend to have a pom pom on the top of the beanie! We have amazing deals on women's beanies, even if you fancy a beanie that's a little plainer with less sparkle. These would also make a great stocking filler or gift for a loved one this Christmas! Or treat yourself and be nice and cosy this Winter.

Men's Beanies

Men's beanies are more often than not knitted ones, ensuring great warmth and comfort! We have some great deals on site for men's beanies, such as our bundle deals where you get a beanie as well as a scarf or neck warmer too! These are bound to keep you or your loved ones warm this winter!