Heated Clothes Airer

As we patiently wait for the warmer weather to return, and outside is looking dreary, where can we dry our clothes? We've got the perfect solution that will stop you having to drape your jeans across the radiators, a heated clothes airer! See our full range and more details below!

Our Top Heated Clothes Airer Deal: 3-Tier Electric Heated Clothes Airer

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Heated Clothes Airers

If you're not too keen on the environmental impact and cost of tumble dryers, then allow Wowcher to help you find the answer with heated clothes airers! They work like any other clothes rack, just remember to plug them in! As each rack on the airer warms, it dries the clothes hanging quicker, more efficiently, and also cheaper than a dryer would, and helps to air them better. These are practical all year long when the weather is damper or wet and you're unable to use your washing line outside, and it saves you covering radiators with clothes! They are also versatile as you can hang your smaller items of clothing on here as well as bedding, so you'll have everything dry in no time.

Do the Heated Clothes Airers come with any other accessories?

We have a couple of models that come with an optional cover, you don't have to have a cover, it's personal preference. If you're using the cover, place it over the loaded heated airer to help retain the heat and keep the warm air flowing around your clothes. The cover should fit comfortably over the airer with enough space for your clothes to hang freely to ensure a quick and efficient drying system! The cover is also useful if you have young children and are worried about them bumping into the heated airer.

What are the benefits of a Heated Clothes Airer?

Heated clothes airers have many benefits and great features making them an essential product for your home! One of the main advantages of the heated airer is the fact that you don't have to hang your clothes out in the damp miserable weather hoping they might dry, or if you don't have a washing line, then this is a lifesaver. You won't need to be using all your radiator space in your home to try and dry your washing either. They are also much cheaper than tumble dryers as well as being cheaper to run too, and they will dry your clothes faster than a tumble dryer will!

Different Heated Clothes Airer Models

We have different options for your heated clothes airer depending on the space you've got and the amount of clothes you've got to dry! Some of our airers come with a winged area, which fold out to double the size, giving you more room to hang additional items. We also have 3-tier airers, giving you a couple of shelves to hang your clothes to dry. Or we have a heated clothes horse with cover, which when covered looks like a mini wardrobe with your all clothes hung up and drying at the same time, hopefully it'll save you the job or ironing too!