Ottoman Beds - Single, Double & King Beds with Storage

Explore our collection of Ottoman beds! Perfect for a small bedroom or if you simply want to maximise your storage, whatever the size of your room. Available in a wide range of sizes, materials and styles - so whether it's a Single Wooden Ottoman storage bed or King sized Velvet Ottoman Bed you're after - we're sure to have the right ottoman bed for you!

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Exploring Ottoman Beds: An In-Depth Guide

An ottoman bed is a bed frame that allows plenty of storage space underneath by using hydraulics to lift the bed up! You can get ottoman beds that either lift up from the side or the bottom. There tends to be more space than with a divan bed, as the whole space underneath the bed is free for storage rather than having a set of drawers. But some people tend to prefer Ottoman divan because it offer more classic look and gives a sturdy feel.

What Are Ottoman Beds Used For?

Thanks to its space saving design, an ottoman bed is ideal for smaller rooms or those who simply want more storage space. Ottoman beds are not only a comfortable sleeping option, but the base can be lifted up to reveal plentiful storage underneath. This is ideal for storing your bedding, towels, seasonal wardrobes, presents, and more! Here are some of the Bedding Deals you can look into!

Choosing the Right Ottoman Bed Size

The majority of our beds are available in single, double and king size, and some models come in small double and super king sizes. The size you get depends on how much space you have, and how much room you'd like around the bed. For reference, you can check out Bed Frames. The sizes are generally:

  • Single - 90cm x 190cm
  • Small Double - 120cm x 190cm
  • Double - 135cm x 190cm
  • King - 150cm x 200cm
  • Super King - 180cm x 200cm

Comparing Ottoman Beds and Divan Beds

While both ottoman and divan beds offer luxurious sleep, they differ in storage solutions. Ottoman beds utilise the entire bed base for storage, accommodating bulkier items. Divan beds, conversely, provide storage through drawers, with options for two or four drawers to store bed linen.

How Much Storage Space Do Ottoman Bed Frames Provide?

It is known to have good storage space. It also depends where you buy it from. It is advised to check the specs and then decide if you want it. It can also vary in its weight. For detailed description check out Ottoman Bed Frames!

Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Ottoman Bed

Absolutely! You can use any type of mattress on an ottoman bed, so you can choose the perfect one to suit your needs. One thing to consider is the heaviness of the mattress, as you will need to lift the bed frame to access the storage space underneath. A good option is a memory foam mattress as they are both lightweight and provide ample support for your body. There are more deals on Black Friday Beds & Mattresses Deals!!

Discover the Multitude of Benefits Ottoman Beds Offer

Ottoman bed frames have plenty of practical and stylish benefits, but we'll list just a few of them here for you:

  • Additional storage space - a large compartment space to store toys, clothes, bedding, etc! The bigger the ottoman bed frame, the more storage space you'll have underneath.
  • Easy to lift up - the hydraulic function makes it easy to lift, and won't have you struggling!
  • Range of styles - whether it's colour, gaslift type, velvet, faux leather, headboards, materials, there are so many combinations for you to choose from!

Explore Stylish Ottoman Options for Your Home

At Wowcher, we offer a wide selection of ottoman beds to cater to your preferences. Choose from an array of colours, designs, and fabrics, including chenille, velvet, crystals, or simpler designs. Discover the perfect style to enhance your home's aesthetic.

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