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Looking to revamp your home? Look no further. Whether you're looking to drift off on a luxurious divan bed or declutter your home, we've got a wide range of beds and bed frames available! Scroll down to learn more about what bed is right for you!

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Choosing the Best Bed or Divan

Choosing the right bed for you is an important decision. Invest in yourself and in a good night's sleep by ensuring your bed ticks all your boxes. With so many factors affecting your dreams, there's a few things to consider. Ensuring your bed fits the space you have available will make installing your bed a stress-experience. Choose a bed with built-in storage to save space at home too. Finally choose a bed that matches your aesthetic, we've got a wide range of colours and styles available for you to find your perfect match.

Velvet or Gas Lift Ottoman Beds: Luxury and Functionality

Finding a home for all your belongs is a difficult challenge to overcome. Thankfully the space-saving ottoman bed is here to save the day! Providing you with that extra bit of storage space that is often left unutilised. If you're looking for something a little bit more luxurious then the velvet ottoman bed will be calling your name. To make life a little easier, why not check out our gas lift ottoman bed? Designed to do the heavy lifting for you, this bed could be the bed of dreams!

Grey Divan Bed for Your Comfort and Support

If you're looking for an all-round reliable bed, then the divan bed is the bed for you! Renowned for supporting mattresses with different thicknesses, you'll be happy you invested in such a luxurious bed! The sturdy base provides a supportive, yet firm night's sleep. Available in a variety of designs our crushed velvet divan bed is a fan favourite at Wowcher!

Corner Sofa Beds for Sweet Dreams

Wanting to revamp your guest bedroom but lack the space to have a permanent bed frame installed? The versatile corner sofa bed is the perfect solution. Comfortable and compact your guests can enjoy a good night's sleep and you don't lose vital space in your home.

Bunk Beds for Your Little Climbers

Are your little one's sharing a room? We've got a range of beds to make bedtimes easier and help your little ones feel independent. A bunk bed is a great option for children and helps utilise your space in an ergonomic and stylish way. With railings along the top your child can sleep peacefully and then clamber down the ladder all on their own. A great option for growing families trying to save floor space, so play time is and bedtime are seamless experiences. Check out this bunk bed and help your little one's dreams come true!

Kids Bed Tent: Dreamers Assemble

Kid's imaginations are full of wonder and magic, help to feed their curiosity and encourage dreams beyond our imagination by creating the perfect zen environment for their little brains. This easy to use bed tent makes it all possible! This attachment also doubles as the perfect reading cocoon to help encourage a positive relationship with learning!

TV Bed: Accessorise Your Bedroom

For the most luxurious set up why not treat yourself to a techy elevation? Nothing is more enjoyable than curling up in bed and watching your favourite show. You'll be comfy, cosy, and you don't ever have to worry about missing your favourite show! Plus with a tv installed in your bed you're saving on space too. Check out more of our space saving beds!

Ottoman Bed Frame to Chesterfield Bed Frames: Metal & Wooden in Different Designs

Upgrade your bedroom with our stunning collection of bed frames. For a touch of style, explore our unique and chic options, from the Ottoman to the Chesterfield, we've got it all. If you're looking for true luxury, why not choose a bed with a plush headboard. Need extra storage space? Look no further, as these frames offer ample room underneath for your belongings. Plus, with sturdy wooden slats running down the centre, you can count on excellent support for a restful night's sleep. Check out our range of wooden beds and find the perfect option for your unique style and taste!

How To Choose Your Bed Size?

Choosing the right bed size is crucial for a good night's sleep which is why we've put this helpful guide together to help you figure out which bed size is right for you! Investing in a bed that fits your needs is important. If you're buying for yourself and a partner we'd recommend a double, king or super king. Select a bed that gives you enough space for you and you partner to sleep comfortably, without taking up too much floor space. If it's just for a single person or a child you may wish to only buy a small single, single or small double. This leaves you enough space in the room for more furniture or as a play space for your child. For an idea of which bed will fit in your room, here are the standard dimensions for each bed size:

  • Small single - 75cm x 190cm
  • Single - 90cm x 190cm
  • Small double - 120cm x 190cm
  • Double - 135cm x 190cm
  • King - 150cm x 200cm
  • Super king - 180cm x 200cm

Create a Cosy Bedroom Retreat with Comfortable Bedding Options

Once you've chosen your dream bed the next step is to create a perfectly tranquil environment with soft and comfortable bedding options! We've got wide range of styles available in a multitude of materials. Whether you're looking for soft Egyptian cotton, or teddy bear fleece bedding we've got you covered! Check out these bedding sets today and explore our full range. To truly elevate your bedtime experience why not add a headboard too and you'll be sleeping in a cosy sleepy oasis in no time!

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