Advent Calendars 2024

Experience the enchantment of the holiday season with our exquisite range of Advent Calendars for 2024. Indulge in daily surprises with our Beauty Advent Calendar, featuring premium skincare and cosmetics to keep you radiant throughout December. Satisfy your sweet tooth with our delectable Chocolate Advent Calendar, offering a daily dose of cocoa delight. For those seeking luxury, our Luxurious Silver Advent Calendar presents opulent treasures behind each door. And for the ultimate adornment, explore our Jewelry Advent Calendar, where a sparkling piece awaits you every day. Embrace the festive spirit with these unique calendars and make your countdown to Christmas truly magical.

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Beauty Advent Calendars: Glamorous Surprises for Every Day

A gift with a difference? That's the beauty of beauty advent calendars. You're sure to be made up with the fabulous selection available on Wowcher currently! Whether you're a lipstick fiend or "can't-leave-home-without-my-mascara" type, you're bound to be delighted with the wonderful beauty surprises behind each of these doors. If you're in the mood for a relaxing Christmas lead up, you can even get a bath bomb advent calendar, for a fabulous treat to look forward to in the evenings leading up to the big day. For an unusual advent calendar gift, consider gifting a 24-piece chakra healing crystal advent calendar, bringing a touch of holistic balance to the holiday season.

Food Advent Calendars: Delicious Daily Discoveries Await

Maybe you've not got the biggest sweet tooth, and long for some savoury treats instead to tempt your tastebuds. Whether you want to pop and not stop with a crunchy crisps advent calendar, nibble on some yummy bics or grab some gourmet popcorn (which are proven to be very pop-ular!), you're sure to find a treat that's just right for you behind each door. With options for vegetarian/vegan consumers, nobody will be excluded from any door-opening, morning-snacking festive action.

Jewellery Advent Calendars: Sparkle Through the Countdown

Looking to start your days with a little sparkle? Brighten up your dull winter mornings with something a little shiny with a jewellery advent calendar. Here you'll find necklaces, bracelets, charms, earrings and more... What's not to love about the glamour hidden behind each door? Deck your neck (and other body parts) out in bling that'll make the night time stars jealous. They're great to wear all year round, too! The perfect advent calendar alternative for the non-foodies and the untraditional.

Men's Advent Calendars: Thoughtful Gifts for Him

Maybe he's a little unconventional. Maybe he doesn't gravitate towards the sweet or savoury. Why not try something a little different, a little more him? Opt for a beer advent calendar to help him find his new winter (or year round) favourite tipple. Not a beer guy? Gin advent calendars are a fun alternative to the usual chocs and bics. They come with a little sweet side to complement but not overpower the experience. Or you may even choose to gift him a personalised photo calendar, which would make for a thoughtful and cherished present.

Kids Advent Calendars: Exciting Countdowns for Little Ones

Kids advent calendars are a great way to get creative to impress your little ones. Go with the classic chocolates for morning treats throughout December, toy advent calendars from their favourite brands that are sure to crack some smiles, or even get an empty one to fill it with custom stocking filler gifts that they can enjoy each and every day in the lead up to Christmas. You can even make it a game every morning to build Christmas excitement - what's behind the door today?!

Chocolate & Sweet Advent Calendars: Sweet Delights Every Day

If you're a lover of all things sweet but want to do something a little different this year, be sure to check out our fabulous chocolate and sweet advent calendars on Wowcher for this year! Try a twist on the traditional sweet tooth advent calendar with a luxurious layout of tasty goodies. Whether you have a favourite brand of chocolate or like a wide range of sweet goods, you're bound to enjoy the sweet treats hiding behind every door.

DIY Advent Calendars: Craft Your Way to Christmas Joy

Why not customise your countdown treats? Make your own DIY calendar to enjoy year after year. Fancy a sweet Christmas? Fill it up with your favourite sweets. Want to splash out another year? Reuse and add glitzy gifts to truly make the experience. Mix and match to create the perfect advent calendar you've always wanted. These are the best kind of advent calendars to give as gifts due to their repurposing potential. One year they're an advent calendar, next year maybe they're displaying all the Christmas decks proudly. Give them a try now!

Luxury Silver Advent Calendars: Elegance in Every Door

Elevate your holiday season with our Luxury Silver Advent Calendar, where sophistication meets celebration. Behind each door, discover exquisite silver treasures that add a touch of elegance to your festive decor. From intricately designed ornaments to keepsake jewellery, this calendar offers a daily dose of opulence that will make your countdown to Christmas truly memorable.

Pet Advent Calendars: Gifts for Your Furry Friends

Don't forget your four-legged family members this Christmas. Our Pet Advent Calendars are filled with treats, toys, and surprises to delight your pets and make them part of the festive fun.

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