Electric Blankets

Since it's looking to be a cold winter this year, we are here to warm you up with our electric blanket deals! Whether you want to be wrapped up in a blanket or want a wearable one, we've got you covered here at Wowcher!

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USB Electric Blanket

You can be cosy all throughout the winter and save on your heating bills with the USB powered electric blankets. If you're looking for a heated blanket with 10 heat settings for when your body temperature fluctuates or if you want something super easy to snuggle into like this hoodie blanket that you can wear and be extra warm in! We've got it all and all you need is your own power bank!

Electric Travel Blanket

These blankets are perfect for any occasion, and because of their rechargeable feature, like in this USB heated blanket, they work especially well for on-the-go usage! Simply charge before use and stay warm and cosy throughout your trips and you'll soon realise you can't take off without one! Our electric blankets offer warmth and comfort without the hassle of a plug, no matter where you are.

Electric Cashmere Blanket

If you're after a more luxurious option, we've got deals that won't be breaking the bank while still offering you high quality! Check out this electric blanket made with 50% cashmere and 50% flannel for a soft and plush feel! It has a pocket for your hands to stay warm so you can sit comfortably while you wear it and it comes in two different colours, how can you say no to that?

Are Electric Blankets Safe?

Thanks to improvements in technology and stricter safety standards coming in, electric blankeyts are perfectly safe to use! They've all got an overheating protection system and/or an automatic timer, while costing even less to run! Like this heated electric throw that complies with UK and European regulations and has a 9-hour timer for a safer user experience! They're a great alternative to putting the heating on during those cold winter nights! Are you softening up to these deals yet?

How Much Does An Electric Blanket Cost To Run?

Electric blankets are currently pretty cheap to run, but the price depends on the size of your blanket. Most electric blankets tend to cost between 5p and 10p an hour to run! Shocked? I thought you would be.