Discover the Ultimate Orthopaedic Memory Foam & Spring Mattress

Is your old mattress snoozing on the job? Time for an upgrade! Tuck yourself in to our treasure trove of mattress deals, featuring memory foam, hybrids, and more - all at dreamy prices! And say goodnight to body aches with our exclusive orthopaedic memory foam mattresses designed to alleviate discomfort.

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Memory Foam Mattresses for Ultimate Comfort

Indulge in blissful slumber on a pressure-relieving memory foam mattress! These contouring wonders cradle you in comfort, ensuring you rise refreshed each morning. Crafted from premium viscoelastic materials, memory foam mattresses boast temperature-sensitive features, and mould to your body's contours for personalised support all night long. If you're wanting to foster a healthier sleep environment and elevate your rest game, memory foam could be the way to go!

Foam Mattress Sizes: Know Your Mattress

When it comes to foam thickness, it's all about finding your sweet spot. Thicker layers are a hit because they really hug your body, easing those pressure points and giving you the support you need for a good night's sleep. On the flip side, thinner foams might not give you that same cosy squish, but some people prefer the firmer touch. It's all about personal preference and what feels right for you!


Benefits of Memory Foam Mattresses: Comfort and Health

  • Superior Pressure Relief: Memory foam mattresses excel in offering enhanced pressure relief, effectively easing discomfort and improving blood circulation for a more comfortable sleep experience.
  • Personalised Support: The memory foam conforms precisely to your body's shape, delivering tailored support and minimising motion transfer to ensure uninterrupted sleep.
  • Temperature Regulation: Enjoy a refreshing and comfortable sleep, as they adapt to your body temperature, dispersing heat and enhancing airflow to maintain an optimal sleeping environment.

Pocket Sprung Mattresses vs. Hybrid Mattresses

Pocket sprung mattresses are crafted with individual coils, offering targeted support and reducing motion transfer for uninterrupted sleep. On the flip side, Hybrid mattresses blend various materials, delivering a moderate contouring effect to the body. Many find this combo appealing, as the mix of memory foam and pocketed coils strikes a balance between cosiness and support, while promoting airflow, ensuring cool, comfy nights. Your preference is key, though. Explore our top picks for Hybrid mattresses here!

Gel Memory Foam Mattresses - Worth The Investment for Hot Sleepers?

If you're a hot sleeper, gel memory foam mattresses might just be the cool solution you've been dreaming of! With their temperature-regulating gel-infused layers, they help whisk away heat, keeping you comfortable throughout the night. Plus, they still offer that snug, body-contouring support that memory foam is famous for. Gel memory foam mattresses provide great relief, especially for those who suffer from night sweats caused by things like the menopause, low blood pressure, stress & anxiety. So, if you're tired of waking up feeling like you've been baking in an oven, investing in a gel memory foam mattress could be the chill pill you need for a better night's sleep!

Is Memory Foam Better Than A Regular Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses offer unparalleled comfort and support by moulding to your body's unique shape, giving you that ""just right"" feel every night. Plus, they're great at reducing motion transfer, so you won't feel your partner tossing and turning. Regular mattresses, on the other hand, might not contour to your body as well, and while they have their place, they can sometimes lead to pressure points and discomfort. So, if you're all about personalised comfort and sleeping like a champ, memory foam might just be for you!

Different Types of Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses come in two main styles: all foam or hybrid design. The all-foam variety features layers of memory foam with varying densities, offering a balance of support and comfort. Hybrid Mattresses on the other hand, combine memory foam with traditional springs, providing sturdy support while the foam adds a layer of plushness. These variations include traditional foam, open-cell memory foam, gel-infused memory foam, copper-infused memory foam, and more, catering to diverse preferences and needs.

Do Doctors Recommend Memory Foam Mattresses?

While doctors don't universally prescribe memory foam mattresses, they often recommend them for individuals with severe back pain or sharp pressure points. These mattresses provide excellent support and comfort, which can alleviate discomfort during sleep. Additionally, people with allergies may benefit from memory foam mattresses as they are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites! You may find it useful to consult with a healthcare professional to determine if a memory foam mattress is suitable for your specific needs and health conditions.

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