Bedding Set & Duvet Sale

Check out our bedding sets! Whether it's rich cotton sheets, warm fleece duvets or just a couple of bedding sets for the spare room we've got flashy designs and plain sheets for all!

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Bedding Sets

The place to be for everything from a little snooze to a hefty sleep if you're wiped out from the week, every bed deserves the best. Whether it's duvet covers for kids and adults, plump pillows or soft mattress toppers for a little extra cushioning, check out our wide range of bedding sets!

Duvet Covers

We've got duvets in single, double or king sizes - large enough to fit bed sizes from small single to super king. There's also a huge range of designs to choose from with teddy fleece bedding sets as well as cotton or polycotton duvets in pintuck, striped and crushed velvet styles.


If you find yourself drenched in sweat when you wake up in the summer or up all night shivering when the cold weather comes, it's worth checking what tog your duvet is and seeing what's best for each time of year. You can even get duvets with layers you can add on or take off depending on the season!

Kids Duvet Sets

For the little ones we have a range of colourful and quirky duvets with fun patterns to pick from! We've got unicorns, dinosaurs, cats and more as well as licensed products from Disney and more so you can grab a Christmas present for a Marvel or Harry Potter fan!