Car Driving Experience Days

If you want to live life in the fast lane then you've come to the right place! Whether you're looking to race, drive classic sports cars, stylish supercars or 007's car, Wowcher has got all the deals for you! This makes for an ideal gift for that person who seems to have everything - give them a thrilling experience this Christmas.

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Ferrari Driving Experience

Experience the sheer exhilaration of driving a Ferrari Cali T, an icon of Italian automotive engineering. Slide into the driver's seat of this legendary supercar and feel the power of the prancing horse as it propels you forward. With our Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa and Ferrari V12-599 driving experiences, you'll not only hear the roaring engine but also witness the world blur by as you accelerate down the track or scenic roads.

Aston Martin

Discover the sophistication and power of an F1 Aston Vantage or F1 Aston Martin with our exclusive driving experience. Aston Martin combines British craftsmanship with high-performance engineering, providing you with a refined yet thrilling ride. Take the wheel of this iconic brand and experience the perfect blend of luxury and speed as you navigate through twists and turns with ease.


Prepare to be awestruck by Lamborghini, an epitome of exotic supercars. Our Lamborghini driving experience puts you in control of these jaw-dropping machines, allowing you to unleash their incredible power and style. Feel the attention-grabbing presence of a Lamborghini as you rev the engine and zip through the track or countryside, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

What is included in a supercar driving experience?

Typically, a supercar driving experience includes the opportunity to drive a high-performance supercar on a designated track or road. It often includes a safety briefing, guidance from a professional instructor, and the chance to drive for a set amount of time or laps. Some packages may also offer photos or videos of your experience.

Explore UK Track Days

From scenic countryside routes to world-famous tracks, discover the best UK track days that promise a memorable motoring adventure for all enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the British landscape while experiencing the heart-pounding excitement of high-performance vehicles. Whether you're seeking picturesque drives or challenging circuits, our UK track days have something for everyone, making each journey unforgettable.

Discover the Perfect Destination

Embark on your driving adventure at hundreds of captivating locations across the UK, including London, Scotland, the North East, the North West, the Midlands, the South East, the South West, and Wales. From iconic Formula 1 tracks to renowned Top Gear circuits, we ensure you find the perfect place to unleash your passion for speed and precision. Whether it's rallying, drifting, or simply experiencing the joy of driving, our motoring deals have you covered.

  • Race around the famous Knockhill circuit in Scotland
  • Test your skills at the legendary Formula 1 track
  • Conquer the challenging terrain in a rally driving experience

Why Wait? Gift the Ultimate Driving Experience!

Looking for the perfect gift to surprise a loved one? Our driving experiences are the ideal choice. Whether it's a Father's Day present, a birthday surprise, or a token of appreciation, there's no better way to share the love than with an unforgettable automotive adventure. Let them revel in the joy of powerful engines, screeching tires, and heart-pounding moments that will create memories to last a lifetime.

Choose the car for you

Select from a diverse fleet of extraordinary vehicles, ensuring your driving experience matches your aspirations. Feel the sheer power of a Lamborghini, the precision of an Audi R8, or the elegance of a Mercedes. From classic favorites like the Ford Capri to iconic supercars like the McLaren, each car promises a unique and unforgettable journey. Some experiences even allow you to savor the thrill of driving multiple cars, ensuring every moment behind the wheel is truly exceptional.

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