You'll sleep soundly knowing these pillow deals are waiting for you! With natural, synthetic pillows and more, you'll find a comfy place to rest your head.

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Pillows Guide

A lot is made of how important a bed and mattress is because of how much time you spend on them, but poor old pillows never get much of a mention! With our little guide you can work out which materials, properties and firmness ratings will suit you best and kit out your bedroom with the best pillow deals!

Natural Pillows

For those who want a natural pillow, feather and down pillows may well be the way to go. They're generally made with 85% feather and 15% down - which is the softest part of a duck or goose's chest and create a light and fluffy pillows.

Synthetic Pillows

While they're not made from all-natural materials, synthetic pillows can have a lot of properties which help with a good night's sleep. Hollowfibre pillows are made from a 50:50 blend of polyester and hollowfibre to make for a springy, plump pillow, or you can opt for a memory foam pillow which helps relieve pressure on your neck and allow you to rest in a natural position. You can also get anti-allergy pillows which act against irritants like dust mites.

Which Pillow Is Best For My Sleeping Position?

If you tend to sleep on your side then it's best to get a medium firm or firm support pillow. This will keep your head up and keep it supported while aligning with your neck and spine. A memory foam option will add even more support. If you're a front sleeper who sleeps face down then a softer, natural pillow is probably better, while those who sleep on their back should consider springy hollowfibre or wool fillings.

Pregnancy Pillows

If there's any time where it's going to be difficult to sleep, it's when you're having a baby. We have a range of pregnancy pillows and U-shaped pillows which are shaped to mould around your bump. These not only support your head but also go through your legs to provide full body support.