Double Beds

Upgrade your sleeping experience with a double bed! Our collection offers comfort, style and durability, perfect for a good night's sleep for one or shared by two.

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Double Delight

Select one double bed, which is ideal for couples or anyone who likes to have some more space to spread out while they sleep. If your bedroom is cramped, you may select a Small Double Bed, which is roughly 4 feet shorter than a standard one. With our best deals on double beds, you can furnish your house with the comfort you require while still having the design you prefer.

Double Bed Sizes

Double beds are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a variety of demands and tastes. A double bed is typically 54 inches wide by 75 inches long. There are also compact double beds that are 4ft wide, which are ideal for smaller bedrooms or individuals who prefer a bed that takes up less space in a room. Furthermore, some double beds are longer, such as the Queen size, which is 60 inches wide by 80 inches long, giving individuals who want to stretch out while sleeping even more area. Choosing the proper size of double bed is critical for a restful night's sleep.

Can 2 Adults Sleep In An Adult Bed?

The answer is yes! A standard double bed, also known as a full-size bed, is ample enough to provide a comfortable sleep for two people. Sure, some people may prefer a larger bed like a queen or king size, but that's a matter of personal preference. But as far as the size of a double bed goes, it's more than enough for two adults to sleep comfortably. And not only that, double beds are also designed to support the weight of two adults, so you don't have to worry about the bed sagging or becoming unstable. Double beds provide ample space and support for two adults to have a comfortable night's sleep, it's all about personal preference and what you feel most comfortable with.