Bruges Christmas Market 2022

Whether it's your first or hundredth Christmas fair, Bruges Christmas Market always makes for a perfect choice. From handicrafts and traditional food to ice rinks and spectacular settings, the Belgian city has it all - and we have great deals for you to go and enjoy it!

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What date is the Christmas Market in Bruges?

Bruges Christmas Market traditionally starts at the end of November, but we'll be back at the end of the year with all the details for you on Bruges Christmas Market 2022.

Is Bruges worth visiting in December?

Bruges is a wonderful city to visit all year round. In December, with its festive atmosphere and events, it truly gives the Belgian capital an extra enchanting touch. It almost feels like being in a Christmas card! The festive season goes perfectly with the stunning medieval settings and gothic architecture which made Unesco designate the entire city centre as a World Heritage Site. Beside the Christmas market, Bruges is also famous for its chocolate shops and its breweries - and there's tours combining the two! Whether you're a chocolate lover, a beer lover, or both, you'll have plenty of fun on your quest to find the best of each. Combined with the cobbled streets and the spectacular views, Bruges is sure to gift you with long-lasting, wonderful memories of timeless beauty.

How many days do you need in Bruges?

Although one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe, Bruges is relatively small, so visiting the whole city shouldn't take you more than one or two days. Spending three days there will allow you to explore at a slower pace meaning you'll have more time to explore the magical Christmas Market and all the activities the city has to offer! Here at Wowcher, we have great deals giving you different options, going from an enchanting coach day trip, to two, three, and even four-night stays to indulge with some much-deserved relaxation while enjoying the wonderful Belgian city!