Krakow Christmas Market 2022


Is Krakow Christmas Market on this year?

Dates for Krakow Christmas Market 2022 have not been revealed yet, check back later in the year for all the information!

Is December a good time to visit Krakow?

Many consider Krakow to be a great destination all year round, and deservedly so! Yet, everyone agrees that visiting the city during December will add an extra special touch to it. During the festive season, the city transforms into a buzzing, sparkling place, meaning you'll be immersed in a magical atmosphere while exploring its many wonders. The Christmas Market, of course, plays a big role, with its twinkling lights and colourful wooden stalls. With the many delicious options to warm you up, from mulled wine to popular Polish soups, just makes it the perfect place to visit on cold days. What's better than experiencing the beauty of Krakow's historic centre, with its grand Gothic and Renaissance buildings, when naturally decorated in white, soft snow?

How cold is Poland at Christmas?

The colder months in Poland tend to be... quite cold. But that doesn't stop people visiting the country, as everyone knows that some places are particularly attractive during the festive season. December, with its Christmas markets and atmosphere, is without a doubt the most popular choice when it comes to picking a time to visit places like Krakow, for example! It's true that temperature may vary, and though averaging around freezing during this specific time of the year, it's also true that they're rarely unpleasant. Plus, they can be easily withstood with the right preparation. A hat, a scarf and gloves are essential and a good pair of boots! In return you'll get to experience nothing less than one of Europe's most popular and beautiful destinations, and at its very best.