Upgrade Your Laptop To Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Acer & More Notebooks

Having a top of the range laptop doesn't have to break the bank, it's quite the contrary! Here at Wowcher we have a wide range of high-end laptops available for you to purchase. From refurbished MacBooks to Lenovo's, we've got a wide range available to suit your every need. Scroll down to explore what we've got on offer and explore our guide to choosing the perfect laptop for gaming, working and more at the bottom of the page!

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Macbook Pro Core i5 or i7: For Students

As a student having a laptop that can store all your files without losing its efficiency is integral to a successful studying experience! With exceptional quality and performance, the Apple Macbook Pro is a reliable and trustworthy device perfect to ensure you reach your academic goals! Whether you're embarking on your university journey, seeking a reliable laptop to last you through the next three or four years, or simply gearing up for another school year, the Apple MacBook Pro i5 or i7 is here to assist you with schoolwork and homework.

HP Probook With Cutting Edge Technology

Looking for a reliable laptop with the latest specs? Check out the HP ProBook. With a built-in webcam and microphone, the HP ProBook is your go-to device for work-from-home arrangements and study sessions. Its lightweight design makes it effortlessly portable, ideal for using on the go or during your daily commute. This device is an excellent choice for everyday use. It boasts high-definition audio with dual speakers and a convenient headphone jack, ensuring you enjoy a superior audio experience whether for music, private calls, or meetings. The pinnacle of technology, if efficiency is what you need, then this is the perfect solution!

Dell Latitude Laptop That Elevates Your Computing Performance

Don't miss out on our outstanding deal for the Dell Latitude laptop, designed to elevate your computing experience. This versatile laptop is your ideal companion for both academic pursuits and professional work. Its multi-functional capabilities allow you to seamlessly switch between college assignments, university research, gaming, and so much more! With a large storage capacity, you'll have ample space to store your important files and documents. The high-resolution screen ensures that pictures and videos are displayed in perfect quality, making streaming content an enjoyable experience for all.

Supercharge Your Productivity With MacBooks

MacBooks are renowned for their productivity and these refurbished MacBooks are no exception! With their slim and lightweight design, they're perfect for on-the-go use, whether you're commuting or working remotely. We offer various storage options, from the efficient 250GB HDD to the powerful 8GB RAM, ensuring you have ample internal space for photos, apps, and more. With a remarkable battery life of up to 10 hours, you can stay productive all day without worrying about recharging. Check out our range of Apple products here and see what savings you could make!

Lenovo ThinkPad: High Performance And Durability

Embrace the future of computing with the 2-in-1 Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop, a favorite among professionals and students alike. Renowned for its unmatched durability, exceptional keyboard, and reliable performance, this laptop is your go-to choice for seamless productivity. It caters to a wide spectrum of needs and preferences with a large storage capacity allowing you to work efficiently, slow tech is a thing of the past! The Lenovo ThinkPad is the laptop for you if high performance and lasting durability are your priorities.

Refurbished Laptops: Reduce Carbon Footprint

Conscious of the environment? Explore our extensive selection of refurbished laptops, the sustainable choice that not only delivers high performance but also reduces your carbon footprint. These laptops offer a budget-friendly option for those seeking top-notch devices without the hefty price tag. Opting for a refurbished laptop is a responsible choice, contributing to environmental conservation. With various refurbishment grades available, you can choose a device that aligns with your needs the most. From MacBook's to the Toshiba Chromebook , we've got a range of models available!

Gaming Laptops With No Age Limit

Life's not always serious, which is why we also have a series of gaming PC's and accessories available. For gamers of all ages, our gaming laptops, like the Lenovo Gaming Laptop, offer an exhilarating gaming experience with no age limit. Featuring a stunning 14-inch widescreen display, you'll immerse yourself in captivating gameplay on a perfect screen. With a range of storage options to choose from, you can customize your gaming setup to fit your preferences. We have the perfect gaming accessories and controllers to enhance your skills and enjoyment. Discover the ultimate gaming world with our gaming laptops and accessories, where fun knows no boundaries and gaming has no age limit. Click here to learn more!

Game Changer Accessories: Laptop Bags & Adjustable Stands

Check out our full range of game-changing accessories and level up your gaming experience! Discover our fantastic deals on laptop bags and stands, such as the stylish laptop bag and functional laptop stand, among others. These accessories are crafted to not only safeguard your laptop but also make your work and browsing experiences more seamless and comfortable. Besides everyone loves accessories!

Refurbished Tablets: Affordable & Easy To Carry

If you're always on the go then a refurbished tablet may be better suited to your needs! In a world where we all wish our bags were a bit lighter and had more space, tablets offer a lightweight and convenient alternative for office or college use. Simplify your life with our selection of refurbished tablets, the perfect solution for those seeking affordability and portability. Experience the freedom of easy-to-carry tablets that won't weigh down your wallet. Explore our range and embrace the convenience of refurbished tablets for a lighter and more efficient way of working and studying.

How Do I Choose A Laptop?

Selecting the right laptop is a matter of personal preference and tailored to your specific needs. The size of the laptop plays a crucial role in your computing experience. For general use and maximum portability, screen sizes between 12.5 and 14 inches are recommended, striking a balance between weight and design. These sizes are perfect for daily tasks and on-the-go use. If you're into gaming, larger screen sizes may be more appealing, offering immersive visuals. However, they might not be as convenient for commuting. On the other hand, smaller screen sizes are ideal for kids and beginners, providing a user-friendly experience. Ultimately, the choice comes down to your intended use, ensuring your laptop perfectly suits your lifestyle. At Wowcher we've a wide range available so you're bound to find the perfect option for you at a price that suits you!

How Often Should Laptops Be Replaced?

It's generally recommended to consider replacing your laptop approximately every 3 to 5 years. While laptops can certainly endure longer periods, their efficiency tends to decline as they age. Over time, the internal components may struggle to cope with the demands of new and advanced applications and operating systems, affecting productivity. So why not treat yourself to an upgrade and invest in a laptop that ticks all your boxes?

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