Apple iPad Deals

apple-y ever after with our amazing range of iPads! Tech fanatic, dedicated gamer, budding videographer, there's something for everyone! We've got some amazing offers on Apple iPads including the iPad Mini and iPad Air models, see our top deals below!

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What Can an iPad Do?

Dive into the world of iPads and embrace the ultimate gadget! Whether you're an avid reader who needs an iPad 2 WiFi to take the story with you, or a road trip enthusiast looking for a Universal Car iPad Holder, the possibilities are endless! There's an iPad waiting for you to explore the realm of innovation!

Apple iPad 3, 4 & 5

The true OG's, these iPad models may have been upgraded, but at their core, they're still iconic! Check out this iPad Mini 3 for instance. Complete with great storage and a quality camera, FaceTime and snap away all you like! Or the iPad Mini 4 with its powerful core processor and great graphics to support all your streaming! We can't forget our iPad 5th Gen! Brilliant reliability, amazing visuals and display size, and superb connectivity. The upgrades were built on these models anyway, so what more could you want!

Apple iPad 6

The evolution of the legendary iPad brings us to this iPad 6th Gen! Equipped with a multi-touch retina display, TouchID sensor and sleek processing, it has it all! But the cherry on top for this Apple upgrade is the Apple Pencil! Your gaming and surfing just got a whole lot better! If you're looking for a size upgrade, the iPad Air is awaiting an introduction too.

Apple iPad Air

There's nothing Apple can't do, and the iPad Air is the perfect example! With bigger screens and liquid retina displays, your Netflix sessions can feel cinematic! Bag yourself an Apple iPad Air 16GB WiFi and you'll instantly understand the hype. The 9.7″ 2048x1536px IPS LCD display speaks for itself, but the Microsoft Office accessibility and endless Apple store are truly impressive! It perfectly embodies a mini laptop, and it's undisputed with the option to connect a keyboard too! A comprehensive tablet that is bound to exceed your expectations!

Apple iPad Mini

The iPad Mini boasts a conveniently small design, but the list of great features just gets bigger! Take this 1st Gen Apple iPad Mini for example. Small yet mighty, it offers ideal essential storage space, lasting battery life, and of course the brilliant portability! Or how about the Apple iPad Mini 4 with its 7.9″ retina LED backlit multi-touch display, quality processing and fast graphics so you can stay up to date wherever you go!

Refurbished iPads

Reduce, Reuse, Refurbish - great tech can live on forever and we can start with an 8th Gen Refurbished Apple iPad! It offers an A10 Fusion chip, up to 10 hours battery, Apple Pay, and guaranteed TLC! This 2nd Gen Refurbished iPad Pro 10.5″ is due a sweet rehome too! Look forward to ample storage, Bluetooth 4.2 technology, 1080p HD video recording and much more. Our refurbished items are cared for by the professionals to ensure they're as good as new!

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