Wireless Bluetooth Headphones & Earphones

Get your head in the game and check out our offers on wireless and Bluetooth headphones, earphones and earbuds.

Wireless Headphones

We would knot want to see you getting tangled up in choosing the perfect headphone deal, so take a look at our huge range. Wireless is the go-to for active people who want a lightweight and more portable option. Freely walk around the house, office, and exercise without hassle or discomfort.

Bluetooth Headphones

Stay connected and avoid worrying about having the right wire ports for each of your devices. Do away with adaptors and entanglements - freely connect to multiple devices with the simple use of Bluetooth.

Apple Headphones

If you're looking for stylish, reliable and wireless earphones, we have plenty of new and refurbished Apple headphones. The iconic brand is known for quality and we offer deals on 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen and Pro AirPods. We recommend taking at look at pre-loved products for an environment-conscious shopping experience!

Bone Conduction Headphones

These headphones are built different! Normally, headphones are designed to keep external noises out, but bone conduction headphones allow the outside world to stay audible. You can indulge in your favourite podcast or enjoy your workout playlist whilst paying attention to the environment around you. This new concept is ideal for urban runners and factory workers, as they aim to increase hygiene and avoid eardrum damage.

Gaming Headphones

Your gaming set up is unique to you and your comfort needs. It's important to get the right gaming gear to enhance your experience, but this doesn't need to come at a high price! We offer great headsets, ideal for gaming. We offer a range of headphones with or without built-in microphones and in multiple colours and designs. Quality gaming headphones are important to hearing critical gaming sounds and keeping in touch with team mates. So browse our deals and make your gaming space like no other!

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