Gaming Chairs

Relax at your desk and play your favourite games with Wowcher's amazing offers on gaming chairs. With comfortable padding and back support, you'll be able to play for hours in one of these!

Gaming Chair FAQs

Benefits of Gaming Chairs

If you've made a real hobby out of gaming, it's important to stay comfortable while doing so, to prevent any potential health problems from popping up in the future. Gaming chairs provide a professional look to your office. They have been designed with firm lumbar support and piano arms to stop your arms feeling restricted, whilst the high-quality leather and mesh padding promote a healthy back posture. This way, you'll be able to get on with your gaming/computer work for hours without any awkward aches or pains.

How Much is a Gaming Chair?

One of the biggest advantages of executive gaming chairs (alongside providing hours of unparalleled comfort) is the affordable price it usually comes at. If you're looking into purchasing one of these snazzy chairs for your own office, you should be looking at a price tag of anywhere between 60 - 300 pounds, depending on your need for premium fabrics.

How to Assemble a Gaming Chair

Once you've ordered your gaming chair and the parts have been delivered to your door, you might want to follow a video tutorial to make sure the set-up process goes smoothly. Here are a few brief instructions you should follow when assembling your chair:

  1. First, you'll need to unpack all your materials for set-up, and lay them on the floor in clear sight - ensure all pieces are organised, so you know which piece fits which purpose.
  2. Next, you must connect the chair's underside with the main mechanism, and bolt everything together (you should be given the tools to do this). Connect the casters into the five-star base of your chair, and then connect the gas strut.
  3. In the next step, you'll need to connect the headrest and backrest, before giving your chair a good sit-test. If it feels comfortable and sturdy, you're all set to begin the gaming, studying, or whatever else you've planned to use the seat for.

How to Clean a Gaming Chair

If you need to give your gaming chair a quick clean, simply wet a sponge with soapy water and gently scrub the dirt and stains away. If you want to get in deeper, you can use a cleaning solvent to disinfect the chair - this is recommended if you've been using the chair for several days on end.

Gaming Office Chairs

Gaming chairs can make great office chairs! They're particularly good for longer sessions as they provide good back support, so they'll make your day at the office a little more comfortable. There's also more adjustment options so you can find the perfect position for you. Plus, they look great!

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