Best Laptops For Students

Whether you're looking for a laptop to see you through your university years or you're looking for one to help your child with their schoolwork, you're sure to find something to suit you here!

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What Is The Best Laptop For A Student?

College and uni students alike will always be in need for the latest and best technology to aid them through studies. However, this doesn't have to come at a shocking price! We can find you some of the best laptops on the market at cheap prices - and we know students love a bargain! Look out for Macs which work perfectly for Microsoft and Adobe softwares. You'll be sure to hit those deadlines with ease and speed!

Laptops For Students For A Budget

We understand a uni budget can be tight! But finding the perfect tech companion doesn't have to make it feel worse. Take a look at our awesome refurbished laptops and electronic accessories that are discounted to irresistible prices.

How Many GB Should A Laptop For A Student Have?

It can feel right to go big or go home with laptop memory. However, we advise sticking to an average amount to begin with. Getting the biggest size, for example over 32GB, may slow your laptop down when trying to save too much. The best way to start is with a healthy 16GB to 24GB, that will be enough to keep precious documents and use softwares without lag. And, lag won't be handy when an essay has been left until the last minute...we've all been there!

What Kind Of Laptop Is Needed For Online Classes?

In the new age, online teaching is becoming more common. That's why a super reliable laptop is going to be your best friend during your studies. Firstly, display is important - you want to see shared screens and the lecturer's beautiful face in the clearest way. Secondly, a laptop with great memory is going to aid you when multitasking. We have an incredible range of Lenovo laptops which are known for these things and more.