Black Friday Tablet Deals 2023

The craziness of Black Friday 2023 is over, but we've still got awesome deals waiting for you. Explore our extensive range of Apple iPads and Android Tabs - providing you with a multitude of choices. Scroll down and explore a carefully chosen array of our finest deals, specially designed to extend the thrill of savings beyond the chaos of Black Friday.

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The Black Friday Tablet Deals 2023

When will the best Black Friday tablet deals start in 2023?

Curious about when the finest Black Friday tablet deals will commence in 2023? While Black Friday itself is officially slated for November 24th this year, it's highly likely that a few tantalizing deals will be available even before the big day arrives. The decision of precisely when to seize that perfect discounted tablet is yours to make. However, we'd recommend securing your desired device(s) ahead of Black Friday to sidestep the frustration of potential stock shortages. Don't miss out - act before the rush!

Samsung Tablets

With a diverse selection catering to varying needs and budgets, Samsung presents a plethora of tablet options. Renowned for their top-notch displays, these devices deliver vivid colours and sharp imagery, with select models sporting Super AMOLED or AMOLED screens for exceptional visual quality. Boasting robust hardware, these tablets effortlessly manage demanding apps and multitasking. Furthermore, certain models, such as the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+, include S Pen stylus support, ideal for students and professionals. Accompanied by extended battery life and charging convenience, Samsung tablets are the epitome of versatility and reliability, excelling in both work and entertainment realms.

Android Tablets

Android tablets are ideal for utilising the most up to date applications and systems via Android OS. Watch movies and videos, browse social media and benefit from front and back cameras to capture images from wherever you are! You can do it all with the help of a powerful Android tablet. Find a few of our current offers on Wowcher right now above, and make sure you get your hands on a saving steal on Black Friday! Check out this exclusive deal for an Android tablet, a deal that you surely don't want to miss!


A fan of all things Apple? iPads are the pinnacle of Apple technology, and they are readily available in today's tech market. Benefit from the ownership of an Apple iPad with a powerful combination of desktop efficiency and mobile portability features. You can surf the web, watch your favorite movies and TV shows, groove to music, and more on your trusty iPad. It's a pocket-sized powerhouse! With a range of storage, memory, and colour options, there's an iPad to match your style and needs. Check out Wowcher right now to discover the perfect Apple iPad for you, and don't forget to score extra savings this Black Friday! Listed below are some of our top picks:

Refurbished Tablets

If you're looking for a reliable tablet at a lower cost with no compromise on quality, refurbished tablets are the way to go. Benefit with the latest in tech and do a bit of good all at the same time. The only difference? It may have a few visible signs of general wear and tear. Operation will not be affected in the slightest however, so if you can deal with a few cosmetic marks, you'll be on your way to getting a great deal. By buying a refurbished device, you can also save on your CO2 emissions! Grab a fantastic deal on Black Friday, where prices will be even better than regular retail listings! In the meanwhile, do check out this amazing refurbished iPad Air. Choose from grade A (very good), B (good) and C (acceptable) refurbishments.

Apple iPads vs Android tablets: Which one is for you?

It's a matter of what matters most to you. Android tablets are great if you want something affordable - they have options for every budget. You can also make them look and work the way you want, and fixing them is not too expensive. Plus, they're excellent at doing lots of things at the same time. However, if you don't mind spending a bit more for a tablet that's well-built, runs smoothly, has a ton of apps, and gets updates for a long time, then an iPad is the one for you. In the end, it depends on what you want and how much you're willing to spend.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tablet Deals: What To Expect

If you're on the hunt for a good deal on a tablet, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the days to watch out for. During Black Friday, you can find lots of discounts on tablets from different brands, whether you want a fancy one or a more budget-friendly option. On the other hand, Cyber Monday was originally about online and tech deals, but now it's a big shopping day for all kinds of stuff, including tablets. Some deals are the same on both days, but sometimes, you might find special discounts on Cyber Monday. To get the best deals, bookmark this page. Whether you want a fancy tablet or a cheaper one that still works well, these days can help you save money. Just be ready to check out the deals and pick the one that suits you best.

Why Choose A Tablet & Not A Laptop?

Tablets are light weight compared to laptops, hence many prefer it. It is affordable, and convenient for many. Tablets also have longer battery life and are great for media consumption, web browsing or reading. Laptops are good for multitasking, offer superior productivity, typing comfort and more. It is amazing for programming and more heavy softwares with upgradability options too. So, tablets are more for casual use and laptops for more productivity.

Is Tablet Good For Students?

Yes, it is good for students and it helps with effective notes making. They can easily access e-books and other digital resources for educational purposes. Since tablets are lightweight, it's practical to carry everyday. Furthermore, it comes with creative functions to enhance intuitive learning. There will be no interruptions in studies as it's got long battery life. Ultimately, it depends on the student preference of learning style, if they like digital resource with visual learning then it can be a good choice

What is the capacity of a tablet?

A tablet's storage can range from 16GB to 512GB. For light users who use cloud storage, 16GB or 32GB range will do. Anything between the 64GB to 128GB range offers space for apps, documents, and media which is ideal for average users. For professionals, however, they will need 256GB to 512GB which has extensive storage to allow large files and applications to run smoothly.

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