School Supplies

Are the kids kitted out for the new school year? Make sure they have all their essential school supplies in order with our handy dandy Wowcher guide!

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Stationery is the most vital part of your child's school day to get things done. Have them be ready to ace the classroom with some lovely new school stationery supplies - whether they need shiny new colouring pencils for art class, funky shaped notebooks for writing or cute character pens for the occasional corner doodles in the break time, Wowcher has you covered for all stationery needs! Here's a few of our favourites, including this strawberry toothpaste pencil case, this chocolate shaped notebook, this pencil grip, these colouring pencils, and these pen refills!

School Bags

Help them dress to impress with some funky school bags - combine functionality with a fun theme or colour scheme to help them be the talk of the class! Take your pick from the cute and cuddly to the fun character they will recognise and love - the ideal way to pack all their stuff up for school. They'll be begging to go to school just to show off their brand spanking new school bag, courtesy of Wowcher! Our favourites include this imposter space backpack and this animal backpack!

Hard Drives

Keep your little one's work to hand and protected with a portable hard drive - great for backing up files like Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and more. Never run the risk of losing all their hard work with a backup option. It's also a great way to see how they're progressing throughout the year, with a documented file journey of all the new fun things they've learned!

Water Bottles

Hydration is key - make sure your little ones keep topped up throughout the day with a water bottle they can pack in their bag for all day access. Go with a standard reusable bottle in an assortment of colours, or opt for a custom one and pop their name on a bottle to call their own! Our top picks include this personalised water bottle, this personalised summer water bottle, and this large gradient colour water bottle!

Lunch Bags

Lunch? It's in the bag...Grab a bag that makes eating all that yucky 'healthy' stuff seem fun for once. They won't be able to resist how nicely presented their lunches are in their brand new lunch bags. A great way to separate their school food from other essential items like stationery, bottles and hard drives, and conveniently packaged for your little ones. Remember, a wow a day keeps the doctor away...Our top picks include this kids cute lunch box, and this stainless steel lunch box!