Pencil Cases

Think back to school, think Wowcher! With a wide range of pencil cases to suit every age, you'll find the perfect case at a fantastic discounted price. Take a look!

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Cute Pencil Cases

Visit Wowcher for the cutest pencil cases to fall in love with! From soft, fluffy unicorn designs that will make you the envy of all your friends, to cute and quirky cases that look like strawberry toothpaste tubes, we have cute and unique cases that deserve a place in your school bag. Take a look and discover our sensory pop it cases, personalised cases, and tie dye cases, we should be your top choice for cases with the cute factor!

Personalised Pencil Case

Keep track of your pencil case and let everyone know it's yours with a personalised pencil case. The case will be completely unique to you, as it's printed with your name and your chosen motif, in the colours of your choice. We also offer personalised name stickers so you can label any pencil case that you choose, you'll never lose your belongings again!

School Pencil Case

Get back to school ready with a brand new pencil case from Wowcher. We love finding you the top deals on the best pencil cases. Feeling bored in class? You'll always have something to fidget with when your pencil case has a brilliant silicone pop it design! With a range of sensory options to keep you busy, plus personalised pencil cases, clear pencil cases, character cases and more, you'll find your perfect back-to-school match!