Backpacks & Rucksacks

Backpacks are one of the most popular styles of bag across the globe, ideal for travelling, school, work, camping, and much more! There quite literally is a backpack for everything...

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If you're someone that's in need of a pocket or 2, then a rucksack is probably a good option for you! These are particularly useful for school as you'll easily have space for all of your school supplies. Thanks to the handy pockets on the outside of rucksacks, you'll easily be able to access your belongings without even needing to open the bag! We have a great range of rucksacks, including this lightweight foldable rucksack. With the option to fold it down to pocket size, you'll be able to take it with you wherever you go!

Laptop Backpack

Travelling with a laptop can be tricky without the right storage, so check out these great options we have for you. This clever backpack not only includes room for a laptop and other items, but also has a charging port for anything that can be charged via USB, and a reflective strip that can heighten your visibility at night. Plus this backpack also features pockets for your phone, pens, notebooks and tablets as well as optimal storage space for a laptop of any size and you can choose from four different colours!

Kids Backpack

You can't always carry everything round for your little ones, so maybe it's time to get them a cute backpack of their own - for all the rocks they collect and notebooks they love to colour in! This water gun backpack is definitely not the most practical, but almost for sure the most fun! Your child will have endless fun playing in the garden this summer with this strapped to their back, and there are eight amazing styles to choose from! Another backpack to keep your little monster entertained is this fidget push pop one that can also function as a regular backpack simultaneously perfect for nursery and playtime.

School Backpack

The perfect school backpack has plenty of pockets and storage for everything your child will need throughout their day. A great example is this unicorn backpack with plenty of pockets for all your child's bits and bobs! This awesome dinosaur backpack also features more than enough space inside for school supplies with extra mesh storage pockets on each side for items that need to be accessed quickly.

Waterproof Backpack

Because you never know when you're going to spontaneously jump in the pool or get caught in the rain! This waterproof backpack is also easily foldable, making it a great option for travelling and camping trips where you need everything to be slyly stored away in a pinch. If you're not the biggest fan of backpacks but still want to keep your stuff safe as you travel, this waterproof multi-way backpack can be carried in a multitude of different ways other than on your back, and has enough storage for anything you could possibly need!