You better go Chrome or go home... Read our handy guide on Chromebooks, how they differ from standard laptops and how they can work for your personal and business use!

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Chromebook Laptops

Looking for a laptop with fantastic built in capabilities that doesn't compromise on standard setups? A chromebook will be the one for you. With Chromebooks, you can easily access integrated Google led apps and software, work offline and expect responsive interaction, much like with a standard laptop. Chromebook laptops also tend to run cheaper than standard laptops, as Google works with manufacturers to keep Chromebooks affordable as well as the factor of not needing to worry about the extra cost of most software, as these are available with purchase of a Chromebook. It's a great option for those on a budget, or maybe first time laptop owners who might just use them for academic work.

Samsung Chromebooks

Samsung and Chromebook go hand in hand extremely well - expect fast speeds and unrestricted access to Google based apps. They are perfect for both home and business work, and ideal for users who gravitate towards Google based apps, such as Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail and more! Check out a few of the fantastic deals we have on Samsung Chromebooks including this Samsung chromebook 550C, this Samsung XE303 chromebook, and this Samsung chromebook 2!

Acer Chromebooks

Featuring many features of standard laptops, Acer Chromebooks closely mimic their Windows counterparts. Featuring lightweight designs, USB ports and built in webcams, you're bound to find all the functionality you need to get your Chromebook journey started. With some deals, you can even upgrade to opt for your choice of case colours to personalise your user experience! We have a few deals on site right now including this Acer chromebook C740, and this Acer 11.6 chromebook.

HP Chromebooks

HP Chromebooks are a great way to explore the Chrome OS. With these models experience compact 11" displays, fast result turnovers with the integrated Google Chrome browser and standard storage solutions, with the added security of cloud online storage for more usage possibilities. As a bonus, go ahead and blast your favourite tunes while you work using the integrated headphone ports. Here a few of our great deals on site right now, including this HP Chromebook 11 G4, this HP Chromebook 11 Intel Celeron, and this HP Chromebook G6.

Difference Between Chromebooks & Laptops

The main difference between a standard laptop and a Chromebook is that Chromebooks run on a completely different operating system known as Chrome OS. It will not be able to run items that require Windows or macOS operating systems. However, it makes up for this fact with features such as a vast amount of cloud storage, the best of Google apps and softwares built in and multiple layers of security. It's the perfect option for those on a budget, and those who rely on Google based applications. Check out a few of our deals to find the right option for you and experience the joy of Chromebook today!