Lunch Boxes & Bags

Back to school time is approaching fast! For all the latest and greatest lunch boxes and bags, look no further than Wowcher this summer...

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Kids Lunch Bags

Your little monsters will thank you for checking out these incredible lunch bags we have to offer, just like this three piece set that includes a matching backpack, phone case and lunch bag! Alternatively, any fans of cuddly creatures will love these animal plush lunch boxes that come in four different styles, one for everyone! If you're struggling with a picky eater, this compartment lunch box might be just the thing you need to encourage your child to eat more adventurously.

Insulated Lunch Bags

Striving to keep soup hot during the winter and salads cold during the summer can be a hefty task, but an insulated lunch bag can help! This cute kids lunch bag comes in three adorable designs and will help keep your little ones meal at just the right temperature whilst they're away learning. For the older kids, there is this simpler insulated lunch bag that can be personalised with any name (which can mean the chances of your child losing it are much lower!).

Adults Lunch Box

Lunch boxes aren't just for the kids! Us grown up girls and boys also have meals to prep and delicious food to eat at the office, so why not grab a lunch bag to take in to work with you? To ensure no one steals your food from the shared fridge, this personalised lunch bag is a must! This sleek and modern stainless steel version can also be personalised so that your food doesn't disappear, whilst also helping to keep your meal cold or hot. The box can be reused time and time again too, so you're saving the Earth as you eat!