Christmas Trees 2022: When should I put my Christmas Tree up?

The festive season is almost here, and we're hitting that time of year when everyone asks: "Is it too early to put my Christmas tree up?" Lucky for you we've got all the answers right here for you, whether you have a real or an artificial tree, we'll make sure you get your tree up in plenty of time!

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Why do we put up Christmas Trees?

The tradition of putting up Christmas trees goes all the way back to 1500. The first known tree to be put up for Christmas was in 1510 in Latvia. It is thought that they became associated with Christmas as trees were decorated in Biblical and Nativity plays. As the audiences at these plays became rowdier, many were banned and so people turned to decorating their own trees at home instead in the 16th Century. Even Churches then began displaying decorated Christmas trees.

How long will a real Christmas Tree last?

A real tree will only see you through one festive period, whereas an artificial tree will last you several Christmases. Not to worry though as both can still be put up at the same time (depending which date you choose - see below) Although real trees can make a bit more of a mess than an artificial one, they're a beautiful centrepiece for the presents to be laid under. There's the added excitement with a real Christmas tree that you get a new one every year!

Is there a specific date that I should put my Christmas tree up?

No! There is no fixed specific date of when you should put the tree up. There has always been rumours of different suggestions on the ideal day, which range from 1st November all the way up to Christmas Eve.

1st November

1st November was suggested as we are past Halloween, and the next holiday is Christmas, so why not put it up then.

Advent/First Week of December

Others believed in the twelve days of Christmas tradition, which would see the tree up from the beginning of December until the 5th or 6th January (depending on if you count the twelve days from Christmas Day or Boxing Day).

First Weekend of December

This tends to be time of year when Christmas Tree sales hit their peak! December is the most festive month, and there's no better way to spend your first weekend of the month getting your Christmas Tree and decorating it!

Real Christmas Trees

If watered and well cared for, a real Christmas tree can last anywhere between four and six weeks. With this in mind, you could put it up just after Black Friday or anytime in that last week of November to last you right the way through to Christmas! But, if you want to keep in with the twelve days of Christmas tradition and have your tree up until the 6th January, then you'll need to have the tree up around the first week of December.

Artificial Christmas Trees

Artificial Christmas trees are less specific as they don't need to be maintained and watered. The beginning of December tends to be a popular choice for households putting their trees up, as it signals the beginning of the most festive month. Families can enjoy decorating both types of Christmas tree together. If you're in need of a new artificial tree this year or maybe it's your first Christmas tree, you can shop our Christmas tree deals in our Black Friday sale