Christmas Tree Topper Ideas

Angel and Star Tree Toppers

Needless to say, the Star and the Angel are the two most popular Christmas tree toppers. They might as well be the longest in use, as they're in line with tradition. Using an angel as a tree topper represents Gabriel from the Nativity, the archangel who appeared to the Virgin Mary foretelling the birth of Jesus. A star, on a similar note, stands in for the Star of Bethlehem, or Christmas star, which led the Wise Men to travel and visit the Holy child. You can't go wrong with these two classics!

Tree Topper Bow

If you want to add an elegant touch to your Christmas decorations, why not complete your Christmas tree with a simple yet beautiful bow? This classic tree topper may just be the perfect final touch you're looking for to add to your stylish creation. Once Christmas is over you can always reuse it to decorate your house! Just choose the colour you think will work best, and perhaps even make one yourself if you're up for some festive DIY and crafting.

Fairy Tree Topper

Similar to an angel, a fairy is also one of the most popular choices when it comes to tree toppers. Traditional yet enchanting, it will add that magical, twinkly touch to your Christmas tree. This one too can be easily used as a gorgeous ornament, one that will give your house a special atmosphere.

Gnome Tree Topper

We're definitely leaving the classic domain with this one and entering that of quirky, unique tree toppers. Don't worry, because these unusual decorations are becoming ever more popular! This gnome tree topper is sure to put a smile on yours and your kids faces when you place it at the top of your Christmas tree, as well as impressing your friends and family when they see it!

Snowman Tree Topper

Will this cheerful snowman increase the chance of a white Christmas this year? Probably not, but your Christmas tree will look awesome! Wrapping the top of your tree in a festive hug, we're sure this tree decoration will be your kid's favourite. The ironware in his arms means you can adjust its shape as you like, so get creative and have fun with it!

Snowflake Tree Topper

In between quirky and elegant, a snowflake tree topper truly speaks of the festive season. Dream of sleighs and reindeers and bring the charming atmosphere of a snowy Christmas setting into your home. Even if you don't get a white Christmas this year, you can always claim a snowflake fell in your living room!