Alternative Christmas Trees 2022

Christmas trees are a classic in every home at Christmas, but there's so many different types now, which one will you choose? In this guide, we're moving away from the traditional and showing you some alternative Christmas trees!

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How have Christmas Trees evolved?

The very first Christmas tree was most likely a Fir tree and was in North Germany. We still have the Fir trees today, but we also have many more other types. That first tree was also decorated with apples, candy canes and pastries in shapes of flowers, hearts and stars! We couldn't imagine putting these on our trees, but if you want to decorate yours like an old tradition then go for it!

Slimline Christmas Trees

Slimline Christmas trees are usually as tall as a regular Christmas tree, but are often only about half as wide! These are a great alternative to a standard Christmas tree if you're short on space as they take up very little room. You can still cover them in plenty of lights and tinsel too! These are also nice if you prefer a more simplistic look on your Christmas tree. Check out our Slimline Christmas Tree

Half Christmas Trees

There are two different types of half Christmas trees that you can get. The first has a much longer stand at the bottom and very little tree in top, like the tree has been cut in half. The other type looks more like a regular Christmas tree, but has been carefully designed so one side is completely flat. Both types are becoming more popular as they can easily fit into small spaces so if you don't have much room at home these are a must!

Wooden Christmas Trees

A wooden Christmas tree is a brilliant and creative alternative to the regular Christmas trees. Stacked up like a festive jenga tower and can you get creative by turning it into something a bit different like a bookshelf. It's also up to you if you want to make it yourself or buy one and it would make a pretty window decoration!

Christmas Tree with Replica Berry

Up your Christmas tree game this year with a Christmas tree with replica berry in a beautiful grey colour. If you want to try something a little different this Christmas, then this is a great place to start. A classic and authentic design that you can decorate as little or as much as you like! Check out our Christmas Tree with Replica Berries