Christmas Tree Lights 2023

You'll be rocking around the Christmas tree with our amazing offers on Christmas tree lights! Whether you're looking for indoor or outdoor Christmas tree lights, fairy lights or LED lights, we have lots of beau-tree-ful decorations at great prices!

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Christmas Tree Light Tips & Tricks

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree ... Each year you bring us delight, With brightly shining light! No tree is complete without a set of dazzling lights to go around it. From pre-lit Christmas trees to LED lights, halo lights, Christmas net lights to avoid the nuisance of untangling them, colourful lights and white lights, we have them all here at Wowcher! So read on for some festive tips on making your tree look truly spectacular!

How To Put Lights on a Christmas Tree

There are a few different methods, but you should always put your lights on first before adding other decorations, and of course plug them in to check they work! A popular technique in recent years is to hang Christmas lights vertically in a line from top to bottom, or vice versa, before curving up again so you have a sideways s-shape across the tree. This gives the tree a brighter look, but you can always go for the classic horizontal method too - where you weave lights across branches from bottom to top or the other way round. You can layer Christmas lights with some closer to the tip of the branches and others deeper in the tree for a pretty effect, but make sure you hide excess wires for a professional look!

Best Indoor Christmas Tree Lights

There's nothing like a brightly decorated Christmas tree to make you feel festive, whether you choose to put yours in the living room window for all the neighbours to admire, or light up your home with trees galore! We have lots of lights for you to decorate your pines with this year, from lights that change colour with the tap of an app, to bright LED fairy lights that come in all shapes and sizes! From snowflakes to stars, icicles to baubles - there's something for everyone to add a bit of magic to their home.

Best Outdoor Christmas Tree Lights

LED lights are perfect for hanging on your outdoor Christmas tree - as they're energy efficient, can withstand freezing temperatures and are bright enough to stand out on those dark winter nights! Solar powered fairy lights are also ideal for hanging on an outdoor tree, as they save you money by using the sun for power - just make sure you buy waterproof lights so they can withstand a touch of frost or even snow!