Top Christmas Tree Types & Trends for 2023 - Predictions for this year!

Christmas Trees are the classic festive staple of any household during the Christmas season, but does your tree match the current rising trends? Scroll below to see what's trending right now...

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Nature Inspired

It's thought that Christmas this year will be all about bringing the natural world into our homes! This includes decorating your tree with pine cones, dried fruits and berries, which reflects a simple but effective design of the natural elements in your house. It's also great fun to get the whole family working together to decorate the tree, and would look perfect with a snowy or white tree!


After the troublesome years of the pandemic, designers are also predicting that this year could see a trend about celebration and love. This would feature big, brightly coloured over the top decorations. We'd expect lots of tinsel and baubles and bright colours to celebrate being together.

Traditional Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree

As this is said to be the most popular type of Christmas tree in Europe, we're sure this trend won't be dying out anytime soon! It's best known for its soft dark green colour and natural shape. It's easy to decorate and perfectly safe for children to touch too!

Modern Fraser Fir Tree

This type of tree is considered to be the perfect Christmas tree. It's also a great option if you only have a small place to display your Christmas tree as it's much slimmer. It also has a wonderful scent that will last throughout the whole festive period!

Asymmetrical Trees

Asymmetrical trees tend to have a lot more gaps and are more open than other trees are. The branches provide more of a subtle shape without it being too overwhelming. They're good for showing off specific ornaments and decorations that you want people to see. If you don't have much space to work with, these trees are also a good option or perhaps you're just looking to switch things up this year!

Other Trends Expected For Christmas 2023

One of the big trends expected for Christmas this year is around colour, and a lot of it! Think deep blues with luxurious golds as you're window shopping for gifts. Brightly coloured decorations and twinkling lights are expected to set the scene indoors and outdoors. Nature, as we mentioned above, is also set to be a big trend this year, so we're assuming there will be lots more real Christmas trees being bought! Candles and paper decorations are also expected to dominate the market, so if you want to keep on trend, make sure you grab yourself some of these. Another big push for this year will be ensuring we're being eco-friendly, for example by using reusable Christmas crackers. Also, by using sustainable ways to wrap presents and also making presents in home. This is to do with the cost of living crisis, and trying to find more affordable ways to do Christmas.