Top Christmas Tree Types & Trends for 2022 - Predictions for this year!

Christmas Trees are the classic festive staple of any household during the Christmas season, but does your tree match the current rising trends? Scroll below to see what's trending right now...

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Traditional Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree

This tree is said to be the most popular Christmas tree in Europe. People tend to favour it as it has strong branches, which are great for hanging big glass decorations on. They also have really plump needles and their branches retain water well so they stay fresh for longer and can last for up to 5 weeks! As they carry a light scent, they're also great for those with allergies.

Modern Fraser Fir Tree

Considered to be the perfect Christmas tree. These trees are gaining popularity in the UK as they're associated with many Christmas films we splurge ourselves into. Its needles are thinner than the Nordmann at just an inch, and are soft to touch making this an ideal tree for families with pets and young children! Fir trees do tend to be more expensive as they grow slower, so if you want your tree to last it's worth the additional expense. The needles won't shed even if it misses a watering or two, and it'll last around 5 weeks like the Nordmann!

Asymmetrical/Sparse Trees

Sometimes these trees are also called tinsel trees. An asymmetrical tree tends to have a lot more gaps and is more open than other trees are. There are enough branches there to maintain a prominent shape, but it's not too full that it appears overwhelming to look at. They're particularly good for showing off those ornaments and decorations that people may have missed last year. These trees are also a great space saver if you don't have a lot of room in your home to display a massive tree or if you're looking for something new and different this year, these are sure to be popular.

LED Twig Trees

These LED trees have become very popular in the UK. They're actually in lots of homes all year round, and not just for the festive season! Although they are more natural and bare, the glow from the lights make them stand out and the more simplistic modern style is on trend right now.

Other trends expected for Christmas 2022

We're expecting to still see predominantly more metallic colours like silver and gold leading the way, but we may see gold being put alongside some dark blues and purples. A big push we're definitely going to see this year will be on sustainability, whether it's recycled napkins or reusable Christmas crackers, we will be seeing this theme continue. There seems to be a botanical/nature theme so we'd expect more people to be wanting real Christmas trees this year. With the rise of the popular Christmas tree skirt/collar, we'd expect to see this trend continuing also and it allows people to decorate their theme from the star at the top right the way down to the bottom.