Christmas Gonk 2021

What better way to get your home in the festive spirit than by filling it with Christmas Gonks! Here at Wowcher, we've got all the Gonk decorations and accessories you could need!

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What is a Gonk and where did it come from?

Over the last few years they suddenly arrived and quickly became one of the UK's favourite Christmas decorations due to its quirky style! They're believed to be a Scandinavian interpretation of Santa, and are thought to bring good luck, love and health to families. Gonks are short, but have very long beards that cover most of their face. They look like festive gnomes with signature pointy hats and striped socks! If you haven't got into the gonk spirit yet, then you definitely should

Gonk Christmas Jumpers

These are a great way to get into the festive spirit and to show off on Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 10th December! You can wrap up warm in this soft cosy jumper no matter what the festive event is, and you get to choose between 4 different colours! Shop our Christmas Gonk Jumpers here.

Gonk Christmas Tree Decorations

Make you tree stand out this Christmas by decorating it with festive gonks! At Wowcher we have several sets depending on your preference. Whether it's just one or two gonk ornaments you want sitting in your tree, or perhaps you'd like 12 smaller gonks hanging from the tree, we've got you covered with different colour options! Shop our Christmas Gonk Tree Decorations here.

Gonk Christmas Decorations

If you haven't got space on the tree for your gonks to be, don't worry! We've got lots of other gonk decorations you can put around the home to keep your decor up to date. From dolls to a whole family of gonk decorations, we've got it all here at Wowcher. Shop our Gonk Christmas Decorations here.