Christmas Gonks & Gnomes


The world went mad for these creatures a few years ago, and they've continued to grow in popularity and are now one of the most popular Christmas decorations in the UK! With so many variations and products available, it's not hard to see why the world is gonk mad.

Christmas Gonk Jumpers

Stay cozy and festive with our Christmas Gonk Jumpers! Embrace the holiday spirit in these playful and comfortable jumpers featuring adorable gonk designs. Perfect for gatherings or a casual day by the fireplace, these jumpers bring joy and warmth to your seasonal wardrobe.

Christmas Jumper Day is on Thursday 7th December with our range of cosy gonk Christmas jumpers! Whether you're heading to a Christmas market or an office party, you'll look great. Our favourites include this Santa gonk jumper and this Christmas gonk jumper!

Gonk Decorations

Deck the halls with lots of gonks, fa la la la la and we've got a great range of gonk Christmas decorations right here for you! From these gonk ornaments to these tree hanging gonk ornaments and this gonks duvet set, we've got you covered!

Gonk Plush Slippers

Step into the holiday season with our Christmas Gonk Slippers. These charming, plush slippers feature delightful gonk characters, keeping your feet warm and adding a touch of whimsy to your winter relaxation. Treat your feet to comfort and style as you enjoy the festive atmosphere at home.

Christmas Gonk Pyjamas

Make bedtime festive and fun with our Christmas Gonk Pyjamas. These adorable sleepwear sets are adorned with cute gonk prints, adding a touch of holiday cheer to your nighttime routine. Cozy up in soft fabrics and whimsical designs, making every night a joyful celebration of the season.

Gonk Plush Dolls and Toys:

These huggable companions feature the iconic gonk charm, creating a playful atmosphere for kids and adults alike. Whether for cuddling or as charming decor, these plush gonks add festive joy to any space.