Top 10 Toys for Christmas 2022

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching! And here we're giving you some tips on the 10 most popular toys for Christmas this year! Keep your eyes peeled for your little ones!

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Our Top 10 Toys

1. Cuddly Blanket Sleeping Bag

These make great toys for children! This snuggly blanket easily transforms into a sleeping bag with a special built-in pillow. Easy to transport for camping and sleepovers or just a cosy night indoors at home! They include popular designs like unicorns and dragons.

2. Dinosaur Target Blasting Toy

Your kids will have a blast with this dinosaur target blasting game. Dinosaurs are a current popular trend amongst children's toys, so this would be a great one to snap up in time for Christmas! Soft darts shoot from the dinosaur's mouth and with automatic or manual shooting, it makes playtime even easier for your kids whether playing alone or with friends.

3. Cuddly Toy Snuggle Hoodie

These will be perfect for those warm winter nights for your children to be cosy in. This cuddly hoodie transforms into a cuddly companion toy. It's very simple for your child to use, they just unzip to get a super soft hoodie and rezip it to transform it into a friendly pet toy. This would make a very cute present for your child this Christmas!

4. Glow in the Dark Fort Building Kit

If you're feeling in the dark about what to get your child this Christmas, then look no further because the glow in the dark fort is a great gift! Let their imagination run wild as they build their tent and can choose a glow in the dark or a starry glow theme. Encourage their creative side this Christmas.

5. L.O.L Surprise Colouring Art Case

The perfect gift for encouraging creativity this Christmas, and a special treat if your child loves the L.O.L dolls! They will get a 52 piece art case packed with watercolours, markers, pencils and coloured pencils, and mini colouring sheets. Easy for your child to keep everything in one space once they've created their masterpiece!

6. Kid's BMW Electric Ride On Motorbike

This ride on motorbike would make a perfect gift for your child this Christmas. Watch them have the time of their life as the music and lights bring the bike to life! You can choose from red or blue, and this is suitable for boys and girls too.

7. Kid's Portable Basketball Hoop & Catch Net

This could be a great gift idea for your child this Christmas as a fun, but educational toy. You can adjust the height to suit your child, and they can practice their basketball skills at home and with their friends too! It also comes with a safety catch net so the ball easily comes straight back to them!

8. Kid's Train Bubble Machine

This is a great present for little ones that love trains as well as bubbles! The train is a good toy for developing your child's creativity and imagination and they get to have fun popping bubbles along the way. With flashing lights and music, we're sure it'll keep your little ones entertained past the festive period!

9. Kid's Astronomical Telescope

The perfect way to introduce your child to astronomy this Christmas is with this telescope. It makes a special and educational gift as you and your child can explore the night skies together and when better than on Christmas night! There are even accessories to help you see the furthest reaches of space!

10. Magnetic Building Blocks Set

Another creative fun gift for children is the magnetic building blocks set. This is ideal for those wet weather days and indoor play. Your kids will finding building the most complex of structures easy as the blocks easily attach to each other! The set includes a variety of shapes, so watch them mix it up this Christmas!

What do I get my child for Christmas this year?

It can be the most stressful time of the year for parents, which is why we've put this page together to help! Depending on how old your child is, one of the best things to do is to get them to tell you what they want or for them to write a list! This way it makes it much easier for you! If your child is younger or has given you no indication to what they want, then don't fear as all the toys below can be enjoyed by children of all ages! Although this page is a toy page, there are plenty of other gifts you can get for your children, such as stationary supplies, toiletries or more educational gifts like science sets!