Soft Toys

From cuddly toys that transform into snug hoodies to lush, plush dinosaurs and unicorns, we've got a great range of soft toys for kids to dive into!

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Dinosaur Soft Toys

First up, coming roar in out of nowhere are our dinosaur soft toys. Luckily these cuddly toys aren't so much like their prehistoric counterparts - they're just big softies really. Right now you can grab a tyrannosaurus rex which even comes with a fun little book and allows your little one to go on a fun adventure with their new friend!

Walking and Talking Plush Toys

For too long cuddly toys have just sat around, admittedly looking cute but contributing nothing to the household or even society in general. We know you expect more from your soft little friends and have called upon our walking, talking toys to make Christmas that little bit more magical.

Unicorn Soft Toys

Some question if they even exist but we've managed to track down a whole bunch of elusive unicorn toys to wow the kids with this Christmas. With sparkling colours and glistening horns, these cuddly toys are perfect for sprinkling a little magic dust on that pile of Christmas presents.