The Best Tech For Kids

We don't always want to shove our little ones in front of a screen to keep them occupied, but tech is evolving faster than we can keep up with! Fortunately, there are other techy toys that can help to keep them busy without turning their eyes square...

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Remote Controlled Toys

It doesn't have to have a screen on it to be fun or smart! Many remote controlled toys nowadays are just as fun as being on your phone, with some being so smart that they can respond in real time to voice commands! From gravity-defying, wall-climbing cars to remote controlled sharks that swim under water, the list is endless when it comes to providing your child with tech fun that will last them all day long (or until the batteries run out!) There are even toys that you and your little monster can play with together, this remote controlled bumper car ride can be fun for the whole family, and this controllable prank cockroach is sure to have your kids laughing in no time.

Kids Tablets

We know what it's like to be in need of some peace, and there is no shame in giving your child a fun and intelligent toy to keep them busy whilst you get some rest! A tablet is a great product for kids that love to play online games, draw, colour, use their brain, or even just watch a movie or two on their own. They can chat with friends, do homework, and read a whole online library of books that they otherwise would not have access to. Though handing over a tablet can feel scary, and you'll want to keep an eye out on what they are watching or doing, a tablet can be a perfect present for kids wanting a bit more privacy, or those that love playing indoors.

Kids Smartwatches

Want to keep a watchful eye on your child as they play? You and your little one could both benefit from a children's smart watch! Not only will your child be able to chat with their friends, play games and even take pictures with their watch, but you will also have the capability to set timers on certain apps, speak to them remotely, and see where they are or set perimeters that they can't wander out of. Functions like these help to keep your child safe and happy as well as entertained, a win-win for you both!

Kids Cameras

We tend to get so wrapped up with how we view life that we forget our little ones have a much simpler way of seeing day to day things. Giving your child a kids camera is an amazing way to see the everyday world through their eyes, they take pictures of what they find interesting or beautiful, and you get to see what they love most through these photos. With most smart cameras, they can also then have fun editing these photos with funky filters or beautiful borders, or make and edit long videos for everyone to see.