Fidget Toys for Kids

There's nothing more satisfying than a fidget toy with endless designs and colour variations, we'll have something that you'll never fidget at Wowcher! Check out some of our best fidget toy deals below!

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What are fidget toys?

Fidget toys are toys that are normally small enough to be carried around in pockets or your hands, and can be moved, stretched or squeezed and are typically made from silicone material.

Why are fidget toys so popular?

Fidget toys started in 2017 with the rise of fidget spinners, which begun to help people who have trouble focusing or those fidget to relieve nervous energy or anxiety. The trend of fidget spinners started a whole fidget craze and now there's nothing you can't get as a fidget toy!

Fidget Sensory Toys

We have a great range of sensory fidget toys that are guaranteed to be calming as well as helpful with focus and attention. Give your child an out of this world experience with our solar system fidget sensory toy, which also aids them in learning the different planet's names. These are suitable for adults too! We also have the classic fidget spinner sensory toys, which are perfect to take on the go with you, they'll be with you through thick and spin !

Pop It Fidget Toys

Pop it fidget toys are where you repeatedly pop dimples in and out, just like bubble wrap. Once you've popped one side, flip it over and pop again! We've got products popping up everywhere from pop it headphones that fold away for easy storage, push pop sensory bracelets that make a little pop when you press them and a pop it fidget bag which is a great size for carrying your purse!

Fidget Toy Sets & Bundles

If you're looking for a collection of fidget toys, then look no further, we've plenty of bundles to keep both children and adults entertained! Push the boat out with our mega fidget stress relief toy bundle box, which can include as many as 31 toys featuring spinners, coins and flippers! We also have our ultimate fidget bundle to keep you busy, whatever fidget is your favourite, you're bound to find it here!

Fidget Toy Keyrings

Keyrings are ideal and make a cute addition to your keys! We have some ink-redible deals including our octopus fidget pop bubble keyring, which is perfect for boredom or anxiety and comes in a range of colours! Or you can get our pack of 3 pop bubble fidget keyrings in different shapes, so pop over to our deals now!

Fidget Toy Advent Calendars

Fidget toys aren't just for Christmas, but they're a pretty good idea! Give your children the gift of a fidget a day with a fidget toy advent calendar. We have a whole range of fidget advent calendars, which include pop tubes, fidget spinners and bracelets, so they'll never be bored!