Ride-On Cars & Toys

Get your kids wheelie excited with a realistic toy car of their very own! Fuel their imagination with a ride-on car. Get them playing outside on a brand new ride-on quad bike, see below for models! These ride-on vehicles can include anything from cars, trucks and tractors and even front loaders! They range in ages and are suitable for boys and girls and make a great gift for birthday's or Christmas!

Popular Ride-on Toys

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What age are Ride-On Cars suitable for?

Generally, they're for children between the ages of 1 and 9, but the actual recommended age range will vary depending on the vehicle! Each car has plenty of safety features to ensure your little one is safe, like seat belts and even parent remote control systems!

Are Ride-On Toys Good for Kids?

Ride-on toys are great for kids as well as their emotional and physical development. They help children improve their motor skills alongside their balance and coordination skills. Plus, they're great fun and really give your kids a sense of freedom, helping them to bring out their creative side!

Ride-On Quad Bikes

Encourage your kids to play outdoors more with ride-on quad bikes. We have various models and sizes to suit children of all ages, and even dad if he fancies going for a spin! With speeds of up to 20mph they'll be driving around copying all of your manoeuvers in no time.

Kids Petrol Quad Bike 49cc

This is one of our favourites, if we do say so ourselves! It features a 49cc engine with an automatic clutch. It can even reach speeds of up to 20mph so your child will get the realistic feel of being in control of a vehicle! The steering is easy to move so corners won't be a problem, as well as brakes and a handbrake for safety! There are many colour combinations you can choose from, so there's bound to be one that suits your child's preferences!

Ride On Cars

These are not only great fun for children, but also key in developing their skills. By using these toys, they're using their coordination, balance and strength as well as using their legs to peddle or push at the same time as they are using their upper body to balance and steer. We have lots of different ride on cars, such as Mercedes Benz, 4X4, and even Lamborghinis!

Kids Audi TT RS Electric Ride-On Car

We think this realistic Audi ride-on car is a cracking deal! Get your kids learning early as they cruise around in their very own car. This ride on car also comes with a remote control, an automatic gearbox and a 12V battery, allowing your kids to hit speeds of 3-7km/h. To charge it, simply plug into the mains for 8-12 hours, which will then give you approximately 1 hour of use. The car includes seatbelts, two doors that open, start button, lights and audio so they'll really feel like they're out on the open road!

Other Ride-On Toys

Of course there's not just the ride on cars, we have other ride on toys that require your child to push or peddle to move them along! These make a fun toy, and encourage physical exercise at the same time! The Wiggle Car Ride is an excellent choice as it requires no batteries, gears or pedals and relies on your child to use their force to steer and move the car, encouraging muscle development! As well as this, we have a kids Quad Bike, which again requires no batteries and is low enough for your child to reach the ground and move themselves forward, this vehicle even includes a secret compartment for snacks!

Ride On Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are used to teach a child to balance while they are sitting and moving, which is much harder to do on a normal bike! As they don't have pedals, they sit much lower to the ground meaning children can get started on learning how to ride a bike at a younger age! We've plenty of great deals on balance bikes, whether it's a plain one or an animal designed one you're after! Don't forget to check out our new Animal Balance Bugs, which work in the same way as the bikes!

Kids Eva Balance Bike

Balance bikes are a great way to get your little ones used to the feeling of reading a bike! They feature anti-slip steering wheels with grips to ease your little ones in and help them keep their confidence while learning to ride. The bike is complete with durable 7" wheels for a smoother ride with less bumps. Although it features a solid metal frame, the bike is lightweight and can be moved around and transported easily!