Toys for Christmas

Wooden Toys

We've got lots of different wooden toys, which are perfect for little ones who need something to keep them occupied whilst you make the Christmas dinner! If they'd like to give you a hand in the kitchen, but haven't quite mastered their skills yet, then this wooden kitchen toy is ideal for them. It features all the accessories they need to create a dish, and the best part is there's no mess for mum and dad to clean up after! This sensory wooden shapes toy is not only fun, but educational as your little ones learn the different shapes.

Board Games

There's nothing quite like relaxing and playing a board game together as a family after your big Christmas dinner! Luckily for you, we've got a great range of board games for you to get your hands on. For sport fans, we've got Taxi the English rugby board game where your knowledge will be put to the test. The kids (and the adults) are sure to love tangled up floor mat game as the spinner decides where you'll need to stand! Of course, we also have to mention the classic, (with a twist), that is mega Monopoly. With 12 new spaces on the board, and 8 new streets, you'll be kept entertained for hours!

Cuddly & Soft Toys

Little ones love having soft to snuggle up with and we've got a whole range of cuddly toys to keep them company! We've got this adorable peek a boo rabbit toy which even features poems and lullabies, so getting your little ones off to sleep should be no trouble at all. We've even got this cuddly pet snuggle hoodie, which transforms from a cuddly toy into a cosy warm hoodie with a big pocket at the front so your kids hands will be nice and warm!

Outdoor Toys

With our range of outdoor toys for Christmas, the little ones are sure to ditch the iPads for a while and go and spend some time in the garden! Help them get in touch with their creative side with this giant build your own garden house set. There's even enough pieces to build a skyscraper or any other type of building they fancy, and is perfect for teamwork so little ones can work together. Or save them the work and get them this children's outdoor playhouse which is perfect for all year round! They could even have their very own little garden party there.

Art Toys

Let your kids imagination run wild and allow them to explore their creative sides with this kids art set. With felt tip pens, colouring pencils, crayons and watercolour paints, the sky is their limit and they can create whatever they want, and you can display their wonderful Christmas masterpieces. There's even all the accessories they need with a pencil sharpener, rubber and paint brush too so they will be well equipped. This also makes a great set for school too! For something a little more advanced, we also have this 145 piece art set in aluminium case. The set features felt marker tips, crayons, coloured pencils, water colour pens, eraser and paint brushes, so grab them a blank canvas and watch them create a work of art!