Toy Advent Calendars 2021

A toy advent calendar is a great alternative to a chocolate one to help your child build up the excitement alongside the countdown to Christmas! Check out our full range of toy advent calendars below!


Fidget Toy Advent Calendars

Give your child a fidget toy a day to liven up their countdown to Christmas! We have a great selection of fidget toy advent calendars for you to choose from, which feature the popular push pop, fidget spinners, bracelets and much more! Guaranteed to keep your child entertained in the lead up to Christmas, and don't forget to check out our Squid Game-Inspired fidget toy advent calendar!

Themed Toy Advent Calendars

Treat your little one to a themed toy advent calendar, with options such as dinosaurs, cars, marine animals and squishies! Have a rawsome time with a new dinosaur figure every day or for a wheelygood deal go for the car advent calendar, which features trucks, construction vehicles and more!

Building Blocks Advent Calendar

Build upyour child's excitement for Christmas with a Building Blocks advent calendar! Each door reveals a different model for your child to build and will keep them busy until Christmas Day, and it even works with existing building block brands to make even bigger structures!

Thomas & Friends Advent Calendar

Watch your little one get creative with this first class Thomas & Friends advent calendar! It features colouring pens and pencils for your child to create their masterpiece and a fun way to countdown to Christmas Day!