Patio Heaters

Make sure you stay warm on those chilly summer night or winter evenings with our amazing range of patio heaters!

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Gas Patio Heaters

If you're needing to heat up your garden, then we've got a hot deal for you with this floor standing gas patio heater which will keep your outdoor space nice and cosy! No need to run inside anymore when it gets chilly. The heater also has an automatic shut off, so you and your family will be perfectly safe. You can use it with propane, butane or LPG gas, so whether you're wanting to dine outside in the evenings or socialise with friends, you'll be nice and toasty while you do!

Electric Patio Heaters

You also have the option of electric patio heaters, like this 2-in-1 electric patio heater! You'll be able to keep the garden party going even when the sun has gone down. Electric patio heaters also heat everything around you almost instantly, so they're a good choice for the garden, particularly in the winter. With this heater, you can have it freestanding on the patio, or you also have the option of mounting it on a wall. To ensure safety, there is also a safety over-heat protection.

Pyramid Patio Heater

These heaters are as you'd probably imagine, they're pyramid shaped, and you normally see them in restaurants and cafes, but that's not to say you can't have one fit nicely in your garden! This pyramid patio heater is made from durable iron so you can rest assured that it will last you a long time. You can even in tents and gazebos! So make sure you stay warm and cosy for those late night barbecues!

Patio Heater Cover

Of course there will be the sunny times (we hope), where you won't be using your patio heater, and the really terrible weather where you definitely wouldn't want to sit in the garden, and we've got the perfect storage solution for you! Most of our patio heaters actually come with a patio heater cover like this electric patio heater & cover so you'll easily be able to cover it over whenever you're not using it! By using a patio heater cover, it'll also save you some time cleaning it!

Patio Heater FAQs

Which Type Of Patio Heater Is Best?

It depends on what you prefer! If you're looking for a stylish modern patio heater, then we'd suggest going for a pyramid patio heater or a mushroom patio heater, and bring the restaurant vibes home with you! Between gas and electric patio heaters, the main difference is that an electric heater is easier than a gas heater to transport to somewhere else, if you need to take it to a friend or family member's house then it's worth thinking about.

Is A Patio Heater Worth It?

Absolutely! Patio heaters are definitely worth adding to your garden or outdoor space. With the addition of this extra heat, you can now enjoy your garden comfortably all year round, so whether it's a cold winter night or a cooler summer night, you can still enjoy yourselves and be nice and cosy!

Do Patio Heaters Work In The Winter?

Yes! Your patio heater will still work in the winter by using radiant heat and infrared rays. So, don't worry if the sun goes in or doesn't come out for a while, you can still spend time in your garden and be nice and warm!

Can Patio Heaters Be Left Out In The Rain?

Patio heaters can be used in the rain, and are generally fine during the odd amount of drizzle, but it's recommended that you store them away in particularly bad weather or cover it with a patio heater cover. If you keep them away from the rain and covered in bad weather, it will make your patio heater last longer!