Keep yourselves sheltered in the sun or rain with our amazing range of gazebos and pergolas! Whether you're after a pop up or metal gazebo, we've got the deals to suit you and your garden!

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What's The Point Of A Gazebo?

Gazebos are a great piece to have in your garden, and not just in summer either! The main point of a gazebo is to give you shelter, which can be from the sun or the rain, or whatever else the British weather decides to throw at us! They can also be easily decorated, which is perfect if you're having a gathering or a garden party!

Can I Attach A Gazebo To My House?

Gazebos are usually stand-alone structures, but you can actually attach it to your house as an addition like you would with a conservatory! It's also similar to a canopy or a porch, where you could keep flowers and plants or it's also a pretty good spot to set up your BBQ! They're also usually a good place to put your garden furniture, particularly in the summer so you can still enjoy the warmth without being in direct sunlight!

Pop-Up Gazebo

A good option is a pop-up gazebo! These look a little bit like tents, which we're sure the kids will love, but still offer you good protection and coverage from the weather. Pop-up gazebos are collapsible and fold down to a more compact and portable size, which is ideal if you're popping around a mate's house or down to the beach! It's also handy because you won't have to worry about setting it up, as it will literally pop-up!


If you're looking for a stunning outdoor garden feature, then our pergola could be just for you! We don't want to put a dampener on things, but summer rain does happen, and at least if we get bad weather, you'll still be well protected under your sturdy pergola! Whether you're sheltering from the rain, or dodging the sunny rays, there's plenty of space under a pergola to sit and relax with friends and family.