2000W Portable Climate Control Heater

£159 instead of £310 for a 2000W portable heater with two colour options from Home Product Solution - save 49%




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2000W Portable Climate Control Heater

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£159 instead of £310 for a 2000W portable heater with two colour options from Home Product Solution - save 49%

Product Features

  • Heater: Get a 2000W portable heater and cooler.
  • Features: Experience quiet operation with sound levels ranging from 30 to 50dB while the oscillating feature ensures even distribution in all spaces.
  • Climate control: Choose from eight power levels and easily adjust the temperature to suit your preferences, as it is suitable for both heating and ventilating, this heater offers a versatile solution.
  • Energy: With an energy consumption range of 800-2000W, enjoy a comfortable climate while minimizing energy costs.
  • Compact design: The compact dimensions (177mm x 536mm x 189mm) and lightweight (5kg) design make this device a great addition to any room!
  • Options: Available in two colours, choose from white or black to match your aesthetic.

Full Details

Let’s turn up the heat today’s radiating deal!

We’re offering you a 2000W portable heater with two colour options for £159, saving you 49% off Home Product Solution’s price of £310 (correct as of 26.01.24).


Efficient 2-in-1 climate control

Experience year-round comfort with our 2000W portable heater and cooler. This versatile device boasts a 2-in-1 function, providing both heating and cooling capabilities for optimal climate control. Utilize the remote control and auto-setting features to effortlessly adjust settings. The swing mode ensures even distribution, and the adaptive heat™ technology ensures efficient and adaptive temperature regulation. Whether you need warmth in winter or a cooling breeze in summer, this device caters to your climate needs.

Quiet and versatile operation

Our portable heater and cooler go beyond basic climate control. With a sound level ranging from 30 to 50dB, enjoy a very quiet operation, suitable for any environment. The device features eight power levels and adjustable temperature settings, giving you precise control over your comfort. Its oscillating functionality ensures widespread coverage in spaces up to 30m² or 75m³. Designed with adaptability in mind, it is IP 21 rated and suitable for bathroom use. Enhance your surroundings with a quiet, versatile, and efficient climate control solution.

Compact and convenient design

With dimensions of 177mm x 536mm x 189mm and a weight of 5kg, our portable heater and cooler are compact and easy to place in any room. The ceramic/PTC system ensures reliable and efficient heating and cooling. The device comes in both white and black, allowing you to choose a colour that complements your interior. Embrace convenience with a device that adapts to your needs, providing a comfortable climate in a sleek and compact design.

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    This deal is brought to you by Home Product Solutions VAT number: GB998881915