Fire Pits & Outdoor Heating

Keep your summer parties nice and warm this season with our range of fire pits. Whether you're camping or enjoying a nice dinner outside, these are perfect for maintaining warmth, comfort and style this summer!

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Fire Pit Ideas

If you're looking for ways to personalise and make your fire pit your own, then you've come to the right place as we've got lots of fire pit ideas! Also, if you haven't got a fire pit yet, then what are you waiting for? These popular garden items are perfect for all year round. With our fire pit ideas, we'll help you to get the most out of your garden and make sure you can stay out there comfortably once the sun has gone down. You could create your very own outdoor living room with your firepit in the middle and garden furniture around the outside. We recommend getting some rattan garden furniture! Or you could put the fire pit in the ground and sit around it like a bonfire!

Fire Pit BBQs

Fire pit BBQs give you the best of both worlds, with warm fire and tasty BBQ food, what else could you want? Anything that you'd usually cook on a grill, can be cooked directly on here. You'll be able to enjoy cosy nights around the fire with delicious food cooked right beside you, and you can even use your fire pit as an ice bucket to ensure your drinks stay nice and cool! Some fire pit BBQs can also cook pizzas too, so you'll have a slice of the action, and you can even get some pizza ovens that can be directly placed on top of the fire pit.

Gas Fire Pit

Gas fire pits are the perfect modern option for adding a warm atmosphere to the garden in the evening! They're simple to use, and you can use any gas source to have a cosy fire glowing in the garden. Get ready to impress your guests this season, and carry on your social occasion or party well into the evening.

Fire Pit Table

Get the party started with a fire pit table! Our range of fire pit tables are carefully designed and feature a concrete top with heat-resistant glass, so you can rest assured that safety will not be a concern, especially if you've got little ones running around. These 2-in-1 tables are perfect as they provide you with a body fire pit, as well as an outdoor dining table. Enjoy BBQs long into the night whilst you're kept warm and cosy! Our fire pit tables also include a lid, which hides the fire when it's not being used, and allows you to just use the table. You can usually choose from gas and electric options too, so whichever you prefer, there will be a fire pit table to suit you!

Portable Fire Pit

Portable fire pits can be a good practical option if you're looking to take it somewhere else with you, or you'd just like more flexibility in moving it to different areas of your garden! It's ideal for ensuring that everybody stays toasty and warm, whether that's at home, a friend's house or the beach. Plus, most of the fire pits tend to double as barbecues too, so you'll be kept well supplied with lots of tasty foods!