Garden Storage Sheds For Sale

=Every gardener needs a place to store their tools, making the garden shed an essential part of your garden. There's a variety of styles and colours to choose from and with a variety of materials you can choose the perfect shed for your needs. Scroll below and check out all the different options available to you from Wowcher! Check out more information about the types of sheds available at the bottom. Whatever your price range we've got you covered! =

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Different Types of Garden Shed

Wooden Sheds

Our most popular option the reliable wooden garden shed is perfect for those wanting a traditional looking shed. It's a favourite for a reason, easy to assemble this sturdy structure is reliable and robust. Protect your garden tools from the cold wet British weather. One of the enticing features with wooden sheds is the ability to truly customise your shed and make it your own. The wooden structure can easily be decorated with paint, perfect for marking your stamp on the garden! What's not to love?

Metal Sheds

Another fan favourite for garden sheds is the classic metal shed. Made from galvanised steel these durable sheds are durable against the elements. Not only can you keep your tools dry your garden supplies such as compost will always remain protected from the cold and damp. Metal sheds are also more secure against break-ins compared to other materials. A metal shed is perfect for you if you want to protect and secure your garden gadgets outside of the home. Another benefit of the metal garden sheds is their lightweight structure. If you want to rework out your garden layout, then look no further than the metal shed.


With so many options on the market it's hard to know which option is right for you, but have no doubt, a plastic shed is the perfection option for experienced gardeners or those just finding their green fingers! This reliable material is cheaper than other more traditional options but don't worry plastic garden storage units are just as reliable. These versatile facilities require no maintenance, you won't need to apply any treatments to protect against rust, corrosion, or mould. It's the perfect low maintenance light weight option that makes gardening accessible to all.

Vinyl Sheds

For those looking for an even more versatile option, take a look at the vinyl garden sheds. These dexterous sheds have all the qualities of their plastic siblings and more! With fire retardancy this material is the perfect option for those going above and beyond to care for their garden!

What Paint to Use on Garden Shed

Owning your own shed opens up a world of possibilities, including the freedom to decorate. But choosing the right materials is an important part of decorating your garden shed. Picking the right tool for the right job also means picking the correct paint for the right material. Selecting the correct paint is the difference between a beautifully decorated shed that withstands the wet and windy weather and a chipped faded shed that looks run down and old. For wooden sheds the most popular option is Water-based garden paints and don't forget to sand your shed down too for long-lasting results that make you smile.

How to Decorate a Garden Shed

Now you've decided to decorate your shed and have selected the correct materials. Next you have the most interesting job, deciding how to decorate your garden shed. With so many designs available, the world's your oyster. So let your artistic juices flow and let your creative mind out! From flowers, swirls, delicate boarders and even just plain stripes, the options are endless!

Can You Repair a Garden Shed?

Our garden sheds are designed to be robust and durable and so repairs shouldn't be necessary. However, that being said, repairs are sometimes necessary. If you wish to go down the DIY route its best to only to attempt repairs if they are small repairs that are easy to act out and ensure they preserve the life of your shed for a few more years. Such as repairing a torn roof felt. For larger issues its safest to purchase a new shed.

Can I Build My Own Garden Shed?

If you're DIY royalty building your own shed may be an exciting new challenge! The advantage of building your own shed is the freedom to customise your shed 100% to your needs and build-in all the storage space you require. If you're up to the challenge then there's no time like the present so crack on and enjoy the feeling of completing your own DIY project that's personalised to your needs entirely!