Rattan Dining Sets

If you're looking for the ideal setting to entertain and relax, then our range of rattan dining sets and garden furniture will be perfect for you! From large sofa sets including tables, you'll plenty of space for all your food and drink!

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Rattan Dining Sets

Guess who's back, back again...the warm weather will shortly be returning, and we can't wait to be back dining outside without wearing 20 layers of clothes! Now is the perfect time to get your garden kitted out with some of our amazing rattan dining sets! Whether you've got a smaller or a larger garden, we will have a rattan dining set that is just perfect for you! All of our sets come with glass-topped tables and are made of durable, weatherproof poly rattan for that unpredictable British weather.

Types of Rattan Dining Sets

If you only need a set for two people or only have a small area of your garden to work with, then one of our rattan bistro sets will be perfect for you. Most of our sets also include two rattan chairs as well as a small dining table or coffee table, which is the ideal size for your snacks or dinner plates while you enjoy a nice afternoon or evening in your garden. Some of our sets even include a parasol, which is ideal for those extremely sunny days, providing you with cooler shade while you dine!

4 Seater or 5 Seater Rattan Dining Sets

If you have a larger family or want to regularly host dinner parties for friends and family, then you'll probably need a bigger set with extra chairs. Our four or five-seater rattan dining sets would be perfect for this! Each of our sets features a glass-topped table for sitting around and enjoying a family meal or some drinks with friends on a beautiful Summer evening. You'll also be able to tuck your chairs in under the table to make the most of your space when you're not using the furniture.

6 Seater or 8 Seater Rattan Dining Sets

Now to really get the party started! For those big garden parties and gatherings you'll need all the gear and all the ideas! A large rattan sofa set is the ideal piece. You can take your pick from different setups including six, seven or eight chairs to provide ample space for your guests to sit comfortably as well as tables and stools. This is perfect for patios or out on the lawn. A good option is our modular sets. The modular sets allow you to rearrange and switch between comfortable sofas and single seats as and when you need them!

Poly Rattan Material

Poly rattan is a great material for garden furniture. As we mentioned above it's weatherproof, which is handy if you need to leave your furniture outside all year. It provides your garden with a modern and traditional look, and it's also lightweight so you'll be able to rearrange your setup very easily!

How To Clean Rattan Furniture

To keep your rattan furniture squeaky clean and looking at its best from the start, you'll need to know the best ways to maintain it. For your standard dust and debris, a handheld hoover will do the job just fine, but you may need to scrub with a toothbrush for more stubborn pieces of dirt. For a deeper clean, a simple mixture of washing up liquid and warm water can be applied to your rattan furniture with a soft cloth, blotting away any dirt spots you can find, before rinsing it off with a garden hose. There are a few cleaning products which are a no-go for your garden goods. Stay clear of harsher products such as bleach as this can lead to cracking and possibly more dirt buildup. Make sure you rinse off the soapy water from your rattan gently; too much pressure could create lasting damage