Rattan Corner Sofas

Transform your garden with an amazing rattan corner sofa. This could be the ideal piece of garden furniture that your garden is missing. These pieces of rattan furniture are perfect for larger groups, whether you want to dine outside or relax inside! We have a range of colours including black, brown, or grey sets so there'll be something to match your style. See below for our full range of rattan corner sofa sets and how to maintain and care for your new garden furniture.

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Garden Sofa Set

We might not have the best weather all year long, but your garden furniture will be keeping you company all year round! We are here to help you maximise the space you have in your garden. You may only have a small area of the patio to work with, but don't worry as we'll have a rattan corner sofa that'll be the perfect fit for you!

Rattan Material

Rattan is one of the best materials currently being used to create garden furniture. It's praised for its durability and robust qualities. It is also incredibly lightweight so you can easily rearrange your furniture if necessary!

4 Seater and 5 Seater Rattan Corner Sofas

If you don't have guests around too often, then a 4 or 5 seater rattan corner sofa will be more beneficial to you. Our sets also include coffee tables and stools, so you'll have everything you need to have the perfect outdoor dining experience. Rattan is an incredibly good material for garden furniture due to its durability as well as how robust it is so you and your family will be enjoying many relaxing times in the garden! Rattan corner sofas are also a practical way of saving you space, while providing you with comfortable outdoor seating, sounds like a perfect pair to us!

Large Rattan Corner Sofas

We also have a range of larger rattan corner sofas that can sit up to 8 or 9 people. If you're someone with a larger family or just enjoys inviting all their mates round from time to time, then this is probably the one for you! As the set comes in sections, it makes it easier for you to rearrange your seating options, and as the set includes a dining table, you've the perfect solution for a drinks table! This set would look great on a patio or in a conservatory!

Benefits of Rattan Corner Sofas

These sets have some great features. They are made from rattan material, which is one of the best materials currently being used for creating garden furniture! It's extremely durable and robust, so you rest assured that this rattan corner sofa will lost you a long time. Rattan corner sofas have a high level of practicality as they're specifically designed to fit into corner spaces, helping you to save more space! You can easily seat everyone in comfort with sets including up to 9 seats! They are also surprisingly lightweight so rearranging your seating won't be a problem!

What's Included In The Rattan Corner Sofa Sets?

Most of our sets include some handy extras to ensure you have everything you need for the ultimate outdoor dining experience. Our sets can include coffee or dining tables as well as stools and covers to protect your furniture from the elements! Some of our rattan corner sofa sets have rising tables included. The rising table starts off as a flat surface that changes as you can adjust it up and down and position it exactly where you want to. Ideal if you want that drinks table up a little bit higher!

Do I Need A Cover For My Rattan Corner Sofa?

We would recommend getting a cover for your set. Rattan is a great strong material that is easy to clean, but with the unpredictable British weather, having it covered will make cleaning it even easier. The sets are waterproof and UV resistant so you'll have no problem leaving it outside all year long! Many of our sets have the option to add a cover, or if you have space to move and store your furniture indoors that's always an option too.

Do I Need To Do Anything Before Ordering A Rattan Corner Sofa?

We'd highly recommend measuring the area where you want your set to go to make sure you've got enough space for it and to move around it freely! This will also help you decide what sort of size set you need and if you have the space for the accessories like stools and the tables around it too. It's also a good idea to think about any other accessories you'd like. We have a great range of parasols that will help shade you and your guests from the sun as well as canopy options to protect you from an unexpected shower!

How To Clean Rattan Furniture

To keep your rattan furniture squeaky clean and looking at its best from the start, you'll need to know the best ways to maintain it. For your standard dust and debris, a handheld hoover will do the job just fine, but you may need to scrub with a toothbrush for more stubborn pieces of dirt. For a deeper clean, a simple mixture of washing up liquid and warm water can be applied to your rattan furniture with a soft cloth, blotting away any dirt spots you can find, before rinsing it off with a garden hose. There are a few cleaning products which are a no-go for your garden goods. Stay clear of harsher products such as bleach as this can lead to cracking and possibly more dirt buildup. Make sure you rinse off the soapy water from your rattan gently; too much pressure could create lasting damage.